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Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One Collection back on sale, release date confirmed

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It's been a long time coming for patiently waiting Marvel fans, but the 10-disc Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One - Avengers Assembled Blu-ray collection set is finally slated for release on April 2nd. The collection had previously been delayed by lawsuit, leaving Amazon to pacify pre-orderers with free copies of The Avengers.

Originally, the collection was to come with a S.H.I.E.L.D. briefcase, but that has since been scrapped due to the aforementioned licensing issue. It will, however, come with a suitcase featuring a glowing Tesseract on the inside. Also, thanks to the delay, the collection will have a few new extras, such as an early Iron Man 3 preview and the second phase of films. But with extra content comes extra financial responsibility, as the price is now $219 at retail--but you can preorder it for $197.10 on Amazon, saving yourself 10%.

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Cinecast: Emma Roberts Honors Julia, Wally Pfister Casts Johnny Depp

Zoe Saldana as Nina Simone+ Emma Roberts donned a blonde wig and mini skirt this Halloween, a nod to her famous aunt Julia's most iconic role from Pretty Woman.

+ Zoe Saldana was photographed on the set of her upcoming film Nina, a biopic of the famous jazz singer Nina Simone. Complete in a headwrap and beige shift dress, the actress also appears to be wearing makeup to darken her skin (many, including Simone's daughter, were upset that the light-colored actress Saldana was chosen to portray the dark-skinned legendary songstress).

+ Johnny Depp has been cast as the lead role in Inception cinematographer Wally Pfister's directorial debut, Transcendence, which will see him play a man who will be sucked into an evil computer he created.

+ Michael Fassbender will take on the lead role in the film adaptation of the popular video game Assasin's Creed, where he plays a time traveler who operates around significant historical events.

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The Avengers: I Finally Catch Up

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials, Movies, Reviews, Marvel Comics,

Avengers PosterYeah, my bad. I finally got around to seeing The Avengers on the big screen with my old pal Dave Olbrich (he was seeing it for the third time).

I'll echo what is probably the view of 99% of the super-hero movie audience: (1) I loved it and (2) where was this movie when I was 13?

Afterwards, I had a few thoughts.

I was surprised by the sudden death of what I thought was a fairly major character in the continuity. I know Joss Whedon always likes to kill off someone in his movies – I'm sure the first draft of Toy Story had a sacrifice from Mr. Potato Head – so I should've been better prepared. But I wasn't. Sad to lose the character and sadder that the actor has lost a pretty good gig.

Tom Hiddleston was riveting as Loki, an excellent performance capturing the character's grandiose plans and his petty humanness. Here's hoping he gets as good a role in subsequent years and doesn't end up playing a Russian mobster on Person of Interest, or the put-upon dad in some lame sitcom.

This is my favorite Scarlett Johansson movie. And yes, I've seen more than one. Including that one. And that one too.

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Weekend Reading: Avengers, Joe Simon, And Don Martin

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials, Movies, Reviews, Marvel Comics,

Black WidowAnother sad week as noted comic book artist Ernie Chan passes away. As always, Mark Evanier has the best obituary, if ever an obit can be categorized that way.

Amanda Marcotte takes a look at The Avengers movie, specifically the male reviewers and their reactions to The Black Widow.

Another good catch by Daniel Best at 20th Century Danny Boy: a tale of stolen artwork involving Joe Simon and the FBI.

Comedy writer Paul Laikin (he wrote for MAD Magazine and was editor of Marvel’s Crazy) has passed away.

And speaking of MAD Magazine, I’ve never met anyone who didn’t like Don Martin’s work. Here’s a nice piece in honor of his birthday.

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Quote Of The Day: Captain America

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials, Marvel Comics,

Willoughby Spit WonderHe scuffed directly to the wire magazine racks and twirled them till he located the comic books. He found the least-wrinkled copy of Young Men, which contained stories about the Sub-Mariner Captain America and the Human Torch. He took a minute to study its thrilling cover before carrying it and some war comics to the cash register.
    The guy who rang him up said, “First one of those we sold all week. Nobody’s buying superheroes anymore.”
    “Not even Young Men?”
    “Not even Batman.”
    Glancing back at the rack, Carter said, “That’s bad, huh?”
    The guy handed him his change. “We’ll live.”

The Willoughby Spit Wonder by Jonathon Scott Fuqua (Candlewick Press, 2004)

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[Artwork: The Willoughby Spit Wonder]

The Avengers trailer: Watch this now!

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Iron Man. Thor. Captain America. The Incredible Hulk. The Avengers hits theaters on May 4, 2012.

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Video: The Avengers trailer

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Disney, Action, Trailers, Videos,

Get a look at the first trailer for Marvel's The Avengers - the movie hits theaters May 4, 2012, which can't come fast enough for us!

VIDEO: Watch a Thor and Captain America Tag Team Fight

Can't wait for the epic Joss Whedon-directed Avengers movie? Yeah, we can't either. Thankfully for all of our sakes, someone in Cleveland happened to film an aerial view of a fighting scene with Thor Chris Hemsworth and Captain America Chris Evans. Check it out above!

The Avengers is due in theaters May 4, 2012.

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Box Office Breakdown: Apes Fend Off Help

Andy Serkis in Rise of Planet of the Apes

Despite the great reviews of Viola Davis' performance and Emma Stone's general adorable-ness, The Help fell a little short at the box office this weekend behind Rise of the Planet of the Apes, which makes it top at the box office for its second consecutive week.

The sci-fi reboot took in $27.8 million while the sixties period piece came close behind at $26 million in its first week. The fifth installment of the Final Destination series, Final Destination 5, made third place at $18 million and The Smurfs fell down to fourth place from its second place spot last week with $13.7 million. Lastly, the pizza boy comedy starring Jesse Eisenberg and Danny McBride, 30 Minutes or Less, managed to debut in fifth place at $13.3 million.

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Weekend Reading: Apes, Captain America and Spongebob Squarepants

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes / CaesarIf you’ve been following the post Comic Con International discussion about female creators and DC Comics, you should run over to Fleen and read Gary Tyrrell’s take on the matter.

Apes: My pal Rich Handley gets himself interviewed at Newsday about Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes.

Fan: My funny book acquaintance David Seidman was profiled recently in Jewish Journal. All I can say is that the interviewer would probably be overwhelmed by the San Diego con.

Actors: Chad Michael Murray of One Tree Hill has written a graphic novel that Archaia will publish.

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