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Canadian Gym Adds Nintendo Wii Workout Station

Posted by Lolita Beckwith Categories: Video Games

Nintendo Wii

Who would have thought that The Next Big Thing would be the highly unlikely alliance of fitness and video games? We recently told you about Gamercize, which hooks up to your exercise machine and video game console, so the controller only works while your working out. Recently at , intro’d Wii Fit, a fitness game due in 2008, composed of over 40 different exercise activities designed to burn calories. But Studeo 55, a Canadian gym, is currently incorporating the Wii as a “Workout Station”, which patrons can use as part of circuit training, warm-up or cool-down. Studeo 55 owner Nathan Mellalieu, inspired to utilize the Wii after seeing kids sweating during gameplay, says “It’s used here to break up the monotony of traditional workouts.”  He claims clients are happy with results, but that the biggest result is “…the smile on their faces.” Mellalieu estimates a “session” of Wii boxing, bowling or tennis burns between 75 to 100 calories, although he did not specify how long a “session” is. A Nintendo Canada spokesman said Studeo 55 is the first gym they know of that incorporates the . A sign of things to come? We hope so.

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E3 2007: Microsoft’s Press Conference Recap And Impressions

E3 Microsoft Bringing It Home

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend E3 this year – instead, I’m on vacation in Cape Cod, using awful hotel Wi-Fi to watch streamed press conferences. Not the most glamorous way to take it all in, but exciting announcements, great games and new details are welcome no matter how you hear about them.

Here’s my personal transcription (in very brief form) of all the announcements and showings, along with some reflection on what Microsoft had to show.

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Parking Meter Reads Itself

Meter ReadSuppose you are in the midst of a romantic meal and somewhere between the Merlot and the Camembert, you forget about the parking meter. Not to worry, in certain areas of Canada a Photo Violation Meter is being tested that will remind you to toss in another coin via your cell phone. Developed by Photo Violation Technologies Corporation, the gadget will also allow you to pay the coinage so that you don’t have to leave in the midst of the Beef Wellington. If you have turned your phone off, the meter will also let you pay the fine, assuming you have any money left after paying for the Crème Broulette and tip.

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EB Games Canada: Wii Pre-Orders Require $200 Canadian

Posted by Christopher Sasaki Categories: Corporate News, Nintendo, Wii

EB Games CanadaWhile US gamers can start lining up to pre-order their Wii consoles tomorrow with only $50 in their pocket, it looks like Canadian gamers are going to have to lay out a little more. Not only do Canadian gamers have to wait until Monday for their pre-orders, but those pre-orders will require a $200 Canadian, unless they have $50 worth of stuff to trade. While this offer isn’t nearly as screwed up as the limited pre-order program in Hawaii, it does highlight the massive profit-taking enterprise that is the GameStop / EB Games software trade-in program. GameStop’s trade-in values tend to be extremely low and on top of that they seem think nothing of selling counterfeit merchandise. While GameStop seemed to be making strides at improving their pre-order program in the US, it looks like they took a few steps back in Canada.

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Report: North America To Get One Million Wiis

Posted by Christopher Sasaki Categories: Corporate News, Nintendo, Wii

Wii A report from investment group Mackenzie Financial would have North America receiving one million Wii consoles on launch day. The report quotes Ron Bertram, Nintendo of Canada VP and General Manager as saying that they are “looking at a million (units) for North America at launch.” He then continues, “If we get what we’re supposed to get, this will be our most plentiful launch… in… 15 years…” The second qualifying statement makes the statement less firm. So, while nothing is completely confirmed for the launch numbers, at least Nintendo of Canada is aiming high. Launch numbers for the new console have ranged from a low of 400,000 to the current high, one million, and the actual numbers will probably fall somewhere in between. Still, it at least seems that Nintendo will be in a better position unit-wise than Sony in the US.

Update: Nintendo issued the following bizarre “correction” to this story at Gamespot.com:

A number of outlets have reported a misstatement about the number of Wii consoles that will be available in the Americas during the launch rollout. In fact, the truth is even better. After the Americas lead the worldwide launch on Nov. 19, Nintendo expects to sell 4 million Wii consoles globally by the end of 2006, with the largest allotment available in the Americas. Although we expect a huge demand for the consoles, we are working to ensure a plentiful supply and a consistent flow.

Does this mean more than one million consoles for launch, or is this just Nintendo being coy with the blogging world?

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