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Bilodeau captures first Canadian home-gold

Posted by Adrien Griffin Categories: Athletes, Editorial, Olympics,

Alexandre BilodeauCanada has finally got that monkey off its back. On Sunday night in Vancouver, Quebec-born Alexandre Bilodeau won the gold medal in men’s moguls at the Olympic Games. His historic achievement marks the first time a Canadian athlete has won a gold medal on Canadian soil. When Canada hosted the 1976 Winter Olympics in Montreal, they finished with five silvers and six bronze. In Calgary in 1988, Canada won two silvers and three bronze. The home-gold medal had eluded Canadians for over three decades, but the long wait is officially over.

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Hockey in Phoenix will go on

Posted by Adrien Griffin Categories: Editorial, Front Office, NHL, Rumors,

Howler the MascotIt looks like the Phoenix Coyotes will be staying in Glendale, Arizona for the foreseeable future. That bodes well for the NHL, who not only suffered an embarrassing victory against multi-millionaire Jim Ballsillie this past summer over team ownership, but they also have a multi-decade deal in place for the Coyotes’ home, Jobing.com Arena. The league has reportedly reached an agreement with former bid-mates Ice Edge Holdings that will see Ice Edge take ownership of the team.

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Beyonce Covers Alanis Morissette

During yesterday’s kickoff concert in in Edmonton, Alberta, (a.k.a. Sasha Fierce) paid tribute to her host country by honoring two famous Canadian artists.

While closing “If I Were a Boy,” Sasha Fierce segued into the gritty version of ’s “You Oughta Know.” (In the video above, you can see how she skillfully avoided saying the “F” word.)

Later in the show, the newlywed donned a wedding gown and sang Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel.” (You can view that clip after the jump.)

Here’s hoping she rocks out to Heart’s “Barracuda” when she crosses the border and stops in Seattle.

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Polar opposites - Canada/US relations and Afghanistan


I don’t know how frequently Filibuster Soup readers have a glance at the major Canadian dailies like the National Post or the Globe and Mail, but in the last month an astonishing thing has happened between my Canadian homeland and the U.S.

Canada is now the right-wing country, and America the left.

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Aegis Mobility DriveAssist System Intercepts Calls

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Cell Phones, Transportation,

Aegis logoThe Canadian company Aegis Mobility has teamed with Nationwide Insurance to create technology that will add to transportation safety. The DriveAssist System automatically intercepts call and text messages when the vehicle is moving. With satellite navigation technology, it will tell the callers where the driver is located and presents them with auto-call back request and priority notification. Other features include allowing 911 calls and an override feature for passengers. Aegis’ service is available by subscription through mobile service providers. We figure that the DriveAssist is like MyKey, more for parents than adults who continue to drive and speak.

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Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling Officially Together Again

Posted by Veronica Santiago Categories: Movies, Hook-ups,

Rachel McAdams and Ryan GoslingRachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling

Although they did their best to keep their distance last month, Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling are now letting their guards down.

The two Canadians, co-stars in 2004’s The Notebook, were caught in several embraces outside a restaurant in Toronto yesterday. Ryan, 27, and Rachel, 31, previously dated for 18 months before breaking the hearts of romantics last year.

Oh, I really hope this reunion works out for them. Seriously - could they be any cuter?

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NEOSSat Tracks Asteroids and Satellites

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Design, Misc. Tech, Transportation,

NEOSSatCanadian scientists have been hard at work building the planet’s first space telescope that will detect both satellites and asteroids with continuous tracking. The NEOSSat (Near Earth Object Surveillance Satellite) cost $12 million to build, is only 15cm and weighs 65kg. It will be launched off other spacecraft and should improve surveillance of space objects as well as evil doers checking us out by satellite. Look for the the NEOSSat, which is funded by the Defence Research Development Canada (DRDC) and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA,) to take off in 2010.

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Canadian Apple Stores won’t be selling iPhone 3G!

iPhone 3G

So, remember that story we posted yesterday about Canada’s Rogers Wireless ripping off iPhone 3G customers? Well, apparently, that wasn’t the end of that story. Since yesterday, we have found out that has decided to reroute some of the iPhone 3G units that were meant for Canada, and they are instead sending them to Europe. Now, just a few minutes ago, the news broke that Apple Stores up in Canada will not be carrying the as planned. This decision is obviously a direct response to the ridiculous prices ($60 per month for 150 minutes of talk time) that Rogers Wireless has decided to place on the iPhone 3G plans. This is getting juicy!

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Potential Rogers iPhone customers livid at prices in Canada

Check out the above clip from a Canadian new story, reporting on the price gouging going on with Rogers Wireless over in the Great White North. We feel their pain, as the Rogers pricing plan is an utter rip-off. So much so, that some Rogers customers are even considering leaving their contracts behind with the company. For all the details on the plans, hit the video above, but the suckiest part is that you only get 400 MB of data on Rogers. That is nothing. Compare that to AT&T in the USA, where you get unlimited data with an iPhone plan.

Rogers says that their plans offer customers “high value bundles.” What? Potential customers have started a site over at Ruined iPhone to collect all the negative comments, and press associated with this story.

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Degrassi Star Comes to 90210

Posted by Veronica Santiago Categories: Drama, Prime Time, The CW, Gossip, News,

Shenae Grimes, DegrassiYesterday, we told you that Hilary Duff had turned down a possible role in CW’s 90210 spinoff.  Had she accepted the offer, the former Lizzy McGuire star would have been an updated version of Brenda Walsh.

Twenty-four hours later, we now know who will be playing Beverly Hills transplant Annie Mills.  Shenae Grimes, ‘s Darcy, will be crossing the Canadian border to play the theater-loving girl from Kansas.  (Seriously - did this ‘Brenda’ also have to be a fan of the stage?  Couldn’t they have come up with something more original?)

Fans of Degrassi know that Shenae is perfectly capable of playing the nice girl role.  They also know that she’s very good at turning bad as well.  So assuming the pilot gets picked up, what will this mean for our little Darcy?  Maybe she’ll be sent away to Canada’s version of Promises to get help for all her emotional issues…

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