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2008 Holiday Gift Guide: Kodak ZI6 Pocket Video Camera

Kodak ZI6

If you wanna pick up a YouTube-ready video camera for Mom, we are hard pressed to find something as good as the Kodak ZI6, for the price. This little camera shoots in 720p high-definition at 60 frames per second, and can also take regular old still images as well. Other cameras, like the can’t do that. It supports SD cards in sizes up to 32GB, which basically means you’ll be able to shoot video until your (rechargeable) battery dies, as opposed to worrying about how much space you have left. You can pick them up from Kodak for $153, they’re available in pink, as well as black. Get it quick though, because they are on sale now. After 12/15, they go back up to their normal price of $179.

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Holiday Gift Guide 2008: Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T700

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T700If you want to pick up a camera for your loved one that is as much a fashion statement as it is a photography device, you’ve gotta consider the fashionista-friendly Cyber-Shot DSC-T700. It’s not all about the looks, though, because this camera packs in a bunch of features. Like what? How about anti-blink and Smile Shutter technology? It also features a 3.5-inch ultra-high resolution touchscreen display, shoots at up to 10.1 megapixels, and includes 4GB of internal memory. It also includes the Picture Motion Browser software package, but seriously, who’s gonna use that? The Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T700 retails for $399.99, but on Amazon we were able to find substantial discounts, depending on which color you were interested in:

There’s also a gold version, but we didn’t include that one since there was no discount available on it. Definitely a good gift for the woman in your life.

Miley Cyrus Wants to Do More TV

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Miley CyrusHere’s a big surprise: teen superstar would like to spend even more time in front of the cameras. The Disney sensation was promoting her work in Bolt when she stopped to chat with E! News about her own career desires.

“I would want to do a reality show like ‘The Real World’ because I think that’s crazy,” she told reporters. “Anyone who would do that has some serious guts.” Or issues with exhibitionism.

“I just want to be in a really nice house, with cameras following me around,” she elaborated. I actually kind of thought her life was already like that - cameras and all. We’ve certainly seen enough pictures of her in somewhat private situations. “I can just sit there, eat Cheetos, read my book, hang out all day.”

So, if Cyrus was doing a reality show, we’d all get to watch her eat junk food, read and sit around. This would absolutely tank…with any other star but her. I actually believe people would watch this gladly, and I’m quite sure someone is pitching the idea to even at this moment.

Referring to her life, Cyrus said, “It’s like a free reality show, I just don’t get paid for it.” Don’t worry, fans, Cyrus actually gets paid prettily by Disney for her work. “They’re always there,” she complained of the paparazzi.

Sure, I get it. Sometimes it’s uncomfortable to have the photogs taking shots. Why not just install cameras and sound equipment in one’s home instead?

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Western Digital WD TV HD Media Player

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Western Digital has unveiled their WD TV with full HD video playback and navigation. Hook it up to My Passport portable drive (sold separately) or USB drives, digital cams, PMPs, and camcorders and enjoy movies, user-generated videos, digital music, or slide shows on your TV. Compatible with most types of media, you can navigate by file name or thumbnails, zoom and pan, and add close captioning. The WD TV has 2 ports to allow you to access two USB drives at the same time. The device comes with ArcSoft MediaConverter 2.5, a compact remote with batteries, an AV cable and AC adapter at a price of $129.99 online.

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Kanye West Not Ready to Apologize for Airport Fight

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Although it’s been almost a month since he was detained at LAX, does not appear he’s about to get past that incident anytime soon.

Back on September 11 (a horrible date for any airport arrest), the musician and his road manager were both arrested for damaging a photographer’s equipment. Although West has since been cleared of a felony charge (he only destroyed a relatively inexpensive lighting component), he could still be slapped with a misdemeanor. (It’s unclear what charges his partner-in-crime might still be dealing with.)

Needless to say, Kanye wasn’t entirely thrilled about being questioned recently by another paparazzo:

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Nintendo DSi announced, larger screens, dual cameras, DSi Shop store

Nintendo DSi

Last week we talked about rumors of a new Nintendo DS, and this morning, those rumors proved to be true. CEO Satoru Iwata announced the Nintendo DSi at the company’s Fall presentation over in Japan, calling it a “third platform” for the company (where have we heard that before?). It looks fairly similar the the current DS Lite that we all know and love, but there are a few changes that make this one a worthy upgrade. First, it’s about 12% thinner, as it has given up its GBA slot. The screens are a bit larger, each being 3.25-inches in size. One of the bigger changes, though, is that the DSi features two cameras. You have one 3 megapixel camera on the outside of the unit, as well a front-facing camera on the inside so that you can take images of yourself.

The Nintendo DSi also has an SD card slot along with internal storage. You can save your photos right to the card, then put that card in your to pull it up in the Photo Channel. Nintendo is even launching the DSi Shop, an online destination for purchasing DSi software, similar to the Wii Shop. You use Nintendo Points, and content will be priced at 200, 500, or 800 points. 1000 points will be included with the purchase of the DSi. The unit will come in either white or black for the time being, and goes on sale in Japan on November 1 at ¥18,900 ($178).

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Joby Gorillapod Focus Tripod

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Gorillapod FocusJoby has debuted their new Gorillapod. The Focus bendable tripod was made for SLR cams that have larger lenses or digital camcorders and can support up to 11 lbs. This is Joby’s fifth product in the line, and the Focus is made with an anodized gunmetal finish and aluminum sockets for durability. Wrap the tripod around trees, railing, or stand it up and use for regular shots, time-lapse, long exposure, or night shooting. You can pre-order the Focus, which has a $149.95 price.

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Video of Kanye West’s Airport Scuffle

Posted by Veronica Santiago Categories: Music, Legal Issues, Videos,

UPDATE: Kanye may now be charged with a misdemeanor instead of a felony.

I’ve always heard that knew how to put on a show, and now we have the video to prove it.

The musician and a road manager were arrested this morning after an incident earlier this morning at LAX. According to TMZ, West (in a grey hoodie) for some reason became angry when he saw a still photographer trying to do what he does. Instead of brushing him off, West reached the pap’s $10,000 camera and eventually smashed it into the ground.

When Kanye’s road manager (Don Crowley) realized that another photographer was rolling on the scuffle, he then grabbed that videographer’s camera and broke it too.

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Sony NW-E Series Walkman

Sony NW-E Walkman

Rumors of Sony’s new NW-E series Walkmen have reached the surface. The 8.5mm slim devices weigh only 50g each. Each has a 2.0-inch QVGA TFT LCD screen with 262,144 colors. The player supports MP3/ WMA/ AAC/Linear PCM and has an FM tuner. The device uses drag and drop, and each is compatible with both WMP and iTunes. The 2GB NWZ-E435 comes in black or pink, the 4GB NWZ-E436 will be available in black, blue, pink or red, and the 8GB NWZ-E438 is simply black.


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Olympus FE-360 and FE-370 Cameras

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Whatever happened to basic black? Olympus’ new FE-360 point-and-shoot in blue has a 2.5-inch LCD and 3x zoom lens, while the FE-370, in what they say is red, has a 2.7-inch LCD and 5x zoom at a price of $149.99. In addition, the 370 cam includes intelligent auto mode, Smile Shot, and Expression Edit, to put a smile on the only one in the crowd who has none. It retails for $199.99. Look for both sometime this month.


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