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Unboxing Live 016: Nikon D80 Outfit

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Cameras, Features, Videocasts

In this episode of Unboxing Live, we open up a Nikon D80 Outfit kit. This is the retail box that includes both the Nikon D80 digital camera, as well as an 18-55mm lens. We will be taking a more thorough look at the Nikon D80 on Gear Live and The Bleeding Edge, so keep an eye out there if the unboxing happens to boost your appetite for more coverage on the camera.

Let us know what you think, or what you want us to unbox next!


Pentax Intros the Optio W30, its Newest Underwater Camera

Posted by Lolita Beckwith Categories: Cameras

Pentax Optio W30

Just reading about this Pentax digital camera makes us want to board the next


flight to Cancun. It’s the Optio W30, a 5.6 oz., 7MP waterproof (and virtually sand-proof) camera, capable of a depth of 10 feet for 2 hours. It has a 2.5-inch display, and a high-brightness setting perfect for shooting beach and ski shots; plus the ISO can be set up to 1600, for low-light underwater photos. And while the W30 has an internal memory, you can also rely on SD and new SDHC high-capacity cards, which hold up to 8GB. The zoom range is 38 to 114 millimeters, and for you Jacques Cousteau wanna-bes, there’s a video mode (with sound) shooting 30 frames/second. The Pentax Optio W30 will be available in March for $300.

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Lensbaby 3G In-depth Review

Lensbaby Review

So obviously, we at Gear Live are fans of new camera technology and the selective focus Lensbabies SLR lenses certainly fit the bill. We were already familiar with their selective focus lenses for digital cameras in the form of their second generation (2G) Lensbaby, but they were kind enough to provide us with one of their brand new 3G Lenbabies for review.

The Lensbaby is a bellows style lens for modern SLR cameras. They feature low dispersion multi-coated optical glass lens mounted within a flexible rubber tube to allow the photographer to tilt the lens side to side as well as compress it closer to the camera. Much like cameras from 100 years ago or more focusing is accomplished by simply compressing the bellows to move the lens closer or further away from the camera. We have a full, in-depth review for you, after the break.


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Disney’s Digital Camera Adds Character to Photos

Posted by Lolita Beckwith Categories: Cameras, Misc. Tech, Toys

Disney Pix Max

Leave it to Disney to make digital photography even more fun and kid-friendly. With the Disney Pix Max, a 3.0 MP camera from Digital Blue, kids can superimpose their favorite Disney character onto the picture they’re about to snap. Just press a button and voila! Mickey Mouse appears in the viewfinder and can be posed anywhere within the frame. The $80 camera contains 32 MB of internal storage, but in case your budding Ansel Adams needs more space, there’s a slot for SD and MMC memory cards. The camera requires 2 AA batteries (none of these are included). An editing package complete with Disney clip art is included.

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Bleeding Edge TV 142: Lensbaby 3.0 Digital SLR Style Lens

We met up with the Lensbaby crew, where we got a look at the new Lensbaby 3G. If you are a digital SLR enthusiast and haven’t heard, the Lensbaby product is a selective focus SLR camera lens that allows you to take images with a focused sharp area that is surrounded by a stylistic blur. We have seen quite a few Lensbaby shots, and they really are quite unique and interesting. The Lensbaby 3G is available now for $270, which for an SLR lens, is pretty much a steal.

Bleeding Edge TV 141: The OmegaSatter MonsterPod

We talk with Mike Hullet of OmegaSatter, the company that makes the MonsterPod. The MonsterPod is a tripod without legs, great for situations where you don’t have a stable place for a tripod. It can be attached to just about any surface. It has a visco-elastic, putty-like polymet base, so you can mount it to things like trees, rocks, brick, or anything you can find. Then you connect your camera to it, and you can take your image in just about any situation. You can pick one up for $34.99 USD.

Bleeding Edge TV 140: Planet82 SMPD Low Light Camera Technology

Planet82, the same people that brought us the Accufat Scanner, gives us a glimpse at something a bit more meaning ful in this clip - their SMPD Low Light Camera technology. Focusing on safety and security, these chips are able to record things that are happening, even in the most extreme of low light situations. The advantage of this over standard night vision is the fact that it’s so sensitive that it doesn’t need to send out any extra IR rays to generate a signal. Look for this to be included in security cameras and automobiles by the end of 2007, followed by consumer products like cell phones and digital cameras next year.