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Morph: Future of Technology?


Nokia’s researchers and the University of Cambridge have come up with the “Morph.” On display at MoMA this month through mid-May, the concept is meant to display the flexibility of future mobile devices. Morph’s technology is pliable, self-cleaning, and transparent, and can be ergonomically rearranged. For example, a folded design would fit in a pocket or on a wrist, while an unfolded one could become a handset. In addition, Morphing will less expensive, take up less space on the planet, and be eco-friendly. We are all for any idea that we can wear instead of forget when we are in a rush.


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Kelly Osbourne to Act at Cambridge Theater

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Kelly Osbourne She’s been a singer, a reality star, even a reality show host, and now Kelly Osbourne is going to try the theater on for size. The 22-year-old daughter of Ozzy will play Mama Morton for seven weeks at London’s Cambridge Theater, beginning this fall. Kelly’s famous father was recently released from Rose Medical Center in Denver after an outpatient procedure. Reportedly, the rock god is “doing well.” Reports say that Ozzy had a blood clot removed from his leg, a simple surgery that shouldn’t prevent him from cheering Kelly on as she takes to one of England’s most famous stages.

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