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Reese Witherspoon’s Parents Banned Her from Hollywood

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Movies, Features,

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon's parents banned her from moving to Hollywood because it is "where crazy people live."

The Walk the Line star first started acting in Tennessee when she was 12 and quickly found herself getting cast in more and more parts, but her parents - who are both medical professionals - were wary of her pursuing it as a career while she was still a teenager. Speaking at a Young Women's Conference held at Brentwood School in Los Angeles this weekend, she said, "I started doing commercials when I was 12. One day there was an advert in the paper that said, 'Do you want to be in a movie?' I was like, 'Heck yeah I want to be in a movie!' I grew up in Nashville, they're not making a lot of movies there. My dad's a doctor and my mom is a professor of pediatric nursing. So I thought I was going to be a doctor. I was sure I was going to be. And then the universe just showed me this different possibility. Thank God my parents did this, but they told me I had to stay in school. I was allowed to work in the summers but I couldn't work in the school year. They said, 'You're not moving to California, that's where crazy people live.'"

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Jennifer Aniston to Have Two Weddings?

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Movies, Weddings, Rumors,

Justin Theroux and Jennifer AnistonJennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are reportedly planning two weddings. Friends of the couple say they plan to celebrate their marriage in both New York and California, with "his and hers" events.

"Justin grew up in New York, most of his family are on the East Coast, so rumor is that after 'Jen's wedding' in California, there will be something in New York. There's certainly going to be a wedding party on the East Coast. It might not even be until the summer, but Justin has taken charge of his side of the organization and is really getting into it. He's arranging live music and the theme is going to be very rock 'n' roll," a source said.

While Justin, 41, is organizing a party, 44-year-old Jennifer's ceremony is likely to be more romantic and chilled out. "Jen wants it to be really relaxed and quite classic. it will be traditional," another source said.

The pair are also thought to have agreed to divide their time between the East and the West coast once they are married. "Jen knows how much Justin misses New York. So she's conceded that once they're married they can buy something there," one source added.

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Attorney General to Investigate Schwarzenegger’s Alleged Misuse of Funds

Posted by K.C. Morgan Categories: Movies, Television, Divorce, Hook-ups, Rumors,

Arnold SchwarzeneggerThe tabloids are reporting that the former Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, used California taxpayer funds to cover up his philandering ways. In response, the state’s Attorney General will launch an official inquiry.

It’s not just a marital spat anymore. The charges being leveled at Arnold, which come from the head of security at a California hotel, claim that he took advantage of the California Highway Patrol, using his status as Governor to have them escort his various women to and from his regular suite at the Hyatt Regency. The hotel denies all knowledge that they have employed the guard who spoke out, whose name is William Taylor.

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Washington doesn’t need a Winter Classic yet

Posted by Adrien Griffin Categories: Editorial, NHL,

Fenway Park Winter ClassicRumors are popping up all over the place that Washington wants a piece of the NHL Winter Classic. Whether it be in Nationals Park or RFK Stadium, who cares? Just get Alex Ovechkin out their in the snow and the wind and let him do what he does best, all settled under the stars and stripes of the nation’s capital. Some think that New Yankee Stadium might be the next location, but due to other scheduled events, New York doesn’t seem like a realistic option.

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Geologists Set Up Earthquake Detection Stations

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San Andreas FaultThe southern end of the 800 mile San Andreas Fault in California is currently being wired so that scientists will know when “the big one” hits. Bill Curtis, a technician with the U.S. Geological Survey, says that even the “smallest little bump shows up there.” Eleven stations will be set up with each having two sensors that measure speed and acceleration. This project certainly came at the right time because of the 250 small tremors that recently struck. All were picked up by stations on the east shore of the Salton Sea. All told, there is a network of 300 stations across the state.

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Tom Hanks Clarifies Controversial Comment

Posted by K.C. Morgan Categories: Movies, Television, Rumors,

Big LoveTom Hanks

During last week’s premiere of the HBO series Big Love, had a few choice words for the Mormons of the world.

Hanks is one of the executive producers of , a scripted series which showcases a family of polygamists (who are also Mormon). TLC did the same thing, only theirs was a reality show - and never quite managed the success HBO’s project has found.

While at the premiere of the new season, Hands spoke out against “Prop-8,” which is properly called Proposition 8. This law was proposed in California - and passed - to ban same-sex marriage. The passing of the law stunned much of Hollywood, and many stars have spoken out against Prop-8 as a result. Even though the deal is done, they’re still talking. And so’s Hanks.

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Paula Abdul Reacts to Fan’s Death

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Paula Abdul

UPDATE: The victim has since been identified as Paula Goodspeed, a 30-year-old who once auditioned for Season 5. It appears she may have died from a drug overdose.

“I am deeply shocked and saddened by what transpired yesterday,” made the statement to E! News in response to the headlines of the day. “My heart and prayers go out to her family.”

“Her” is an Abdul fan who tragically killed herself outside the star’s California home. The body was discovered by police around six in the evening yesterday, on swanky Beverly Ridge Drive. According to authorities, she is the victim of an apparent suicide.

The thirty-something woman’s identity has not yet been revealed, though Captain Ross Bonfiglio of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department stated, “She has a history of mental illness.” She’d been reported missing approximately three hours prior to her discovery.

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Text Messaging While Driving Verboten in CA

Text MessagingThe Governator signed a bill in July that requires Californians to use hands free devices when driving and using a cell phone. He has now gone one step further by banning text messaging while driving. The SB28 makes drivers keep their “hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road,” Schwarzenegger said in a written statement. Other states have already adopted the law and considering the statistics about how dangerous the practice is, we hope they all do.

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Lohan Checks In, Out Of Jail

Lohan's booking shot - still sexyTMZ is reporting that everybody’s favorite ginger-haired hottie, Lindsay Lohan, check in and out of the famed Lynwood Jail in California today. The box-office bombshell

reportedly turned herself in for arrest at 10:30 a.m. and checked out at 11:54 a.m. A whole 84 minutes in the slammer! Her stint in the clink stems from her Santa Monica DUI this past July which subsequently landed her in a rehab facility in Utah. Since returning to L.A., Lohan has been keeping her nose clean (ahem), and serving her time - community service and, apparently, otherwise.

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Coverage of Malibu Fires To Interrupt Tonight’s ‘Boston Legal’

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Boston LegalProgramming Alert:

The regularly-scheduled episode of will not be seen @ 10pm tonight.  will instead air a special hour of devoted to the devasting fire situation in California.  (As of this time, 1300 homes have been destroyed; approximately a half million people have been evacuated.)  No other shows will be affected by this schedule change.

You can expect to see Boston Legal at its normal time next Tuesday (10/30).