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Calcbot: The calculator app you didn’t know you needed

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Productivity, Utilities, $0.99,


If you are looking for a simple, stylish, and highly functional calculator app for the iPhone and , we think you should check out Calcbot. You have an interface that is very appealing and fluid, and you can swipe to pull up a register of your work, and can even pull results from the register into equations. The best part, though, is that Calcbot is a universal app (which means you buy it once, and you get both the iPhone and the iPad version) that costs just $0.99. Seriously, a buck for a great iPhone and great iPad app? Don’t mind if we do.

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Canon Eco-Friendly Calculators

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Misc. Tech,

TS-1200TGWe haven’t used a hand calculator in a very long time, but if we did we would surely choose one of Canon’s eco-friendly line, with upper and lower casings made of 100% recycled plastic from Canon Copiers. Each is lightweight and has a large liquid crystal display and runs on lithium coin mercury-free batteries and/or solar power. Choose between the LS-154TG for $10.99, the HS-1000TG at $15.99 or the TS-1200TG with a price of $19.99.

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