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HBO Invites You to Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball

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Thanks to HBO, you can attend Lady Gaga’s current tour, Monster Ball. The cable network will air a special titled Lady Gaga Presents: The Monster Ball Tour at Madison Square Garden, a collection of footage from the venue. Gaga performed at the New York landmark in February.

The special will air on HBO on May 7. Watch the trailer in the video above.

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The Kennedys Set Ratings Record

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The Kennedys miniseriesThe little-known Reelz Channel was only too happy to relieve The History Channel of their miniseries burden, and the decision is paying off. The Kennedys was watched by a record-setting audience on Sunday night, putting the small cable channel on the map.

An average of 1.9 million watched the “cursed” miniseries, a re-telling of the Kennedy family history that The History Channel was too afraid to air -- despite doing all the work on the project. The numbers aren’t exactly epic, but when you consider that only 60 million homes receive Reelz it’s a huge accomplishment - and the biggest numbers the channel has ever earned.

The Kenendys stars Greg Kinnear, Katie Holmes, Barry Pepper and Tom Wilkinson.

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Review: The Borgias Premiere on Showtime

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The Borgias - Jeremy Irons as Rodrigo BorgiaShowtime’s answer to the gap left by The Tudors debuted on Sunday night. The Borgias, touted by the cable channel as “the original crime family,” enjoyed a 100-minute premiere episode that packed in about as much corruption, sex and murder as any one show can handle.

Jeremy Irons is Spanish-born Cardinal Rodrigo Borgia, but after some clever scheming we were soon calling him Pope Alexander VI. His son Cesare Borgia (Francios Arnaud) is an unwilling cleric but able co-plotter, though his relationship with sister Lucrezia (Holliday Grainger) is incredibly suspect. Younger brother Juan (David Oakes) very much enjoys his soldier role, one that’s coveted by older brother Cesare… who seems far more skilled toward this end than toward his religious duties.

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Charlie Sheen Joins Drew Carey for Improv Show

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Charlie Sheen, Drew Carey's Improv-A-Ganza

For the second year in a row, Charlie Sheen will join the ranks of Drew Carey’s Improv-A-Ganza, which airs on GSN. Sheen’s first appearance as part of the act was a surprise to everyone but Sheen -- even the comedians were startled.

We’re pretty sure that he got a specific invite this year. The show will begin airing on GSN on April 11 at 8pm and 11pm EST, but you won’t see Charlie Sheen until the April 12 episode.

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Pretty Little Liars: Season One Finale Spoilers

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Pretty Little Liars - ABC Family

Pretty Little Liars has been getting more intense with each drama-packed episode -- and, there is still a killer on the loose. So how can the show possibly top itself in the upcoming season finale, “For Whom the Bell Tolls?”

How about by turning to the original master of suspense for a little inspiration? That’s right -- things are about to get downright Hitchcockian on ABC Family. Keep reading to find out where one intense confrontation will take place, and why we’re praying we can keep waiting until Monday to find out what’s going to happen…

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Being Successful: SyFy Renews Vampire, Werewolf Series

Being Human SyFy 2011

The network formerly known as SciFi will renew Being Human for a second season. The original series, which is a remake of the BBC show of the same name, drew an impressive (for cable) 2.14 million viewers in its second episode.

Now, fans of the show will have the chance to watch the continuing adventures of a trio of friends -- a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost -- who must attempt to be human even though, they aren’t.

New episodes of the series are currently airing on Monday nights on the SyFy channel at 9 pm EST.

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Wi-Fi reduces broadband speeds by 30 percent

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Wired broadband is nearly 30 percent faster than wireless broadband within the same household, an Internet research company has found.

UK-based research firm Epitiro surveyed 2,761 U.S. broadband consumers between November 2010 and February 2011. Forty-five percent used a wired connection to their broadband routers and 55 percent connected via Wi-Fi. The respondents were asked to embed a speed test application on their computers in order to measure download times.

Wired download speeds were 29.7 percent faster than Wi-Fi connections. The average actual speed was 7.4 Mbps for wired connections, compared to 5.2 Mbps for wireless ones. Furthermore, latency was 10-20 percent higher over Wi-Fi. Packet loss and jitter were also detected.

Why is Wi-Fi so much slower than older wired technology? According to Epitiro, wireless speeds are degraded because most wireless routers, by default, are set to the same channel, which causes "radio congestion." Signal strength is also hindered by physical objects like walls, doors, floors, furniture, even people. Other common radio-based devices, like microwave ovens and baby monitors, also hog your home's wireless spectrum.

With more consumers now using wireless connections than the technically superior wired connections, Epitiro concluded that consumers prioritized "quality of experience" over the "quality of service." Put another way, consumers still prefer the convenience of mobility over the extra minutes of download time saved. Furthermore, Web browsing times were roughly the same between types of connections.

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Game Change: Julianne Moore to Play Sarah Palin

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Julianne Moore

Anybody else’s heart sink because Tina Fey didn’t get this gig? But despite Fey's funny impersonations, it's redhead Julianne Moore who will soon tone down her titian locks to play Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin for a new HBO project.

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White House Crasher, Real Housewife Kicked out of Celebrity Rehab

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Michaele Salahi

Michaele Salahi, one of the Real Housewives of D. C. and one of the alleged White House gate crashers who showed up at a Presidential party sans invitation, has just been kicked out of Celebrity Rehab.

TMZ reports that Michaele was booted from the treatment facility for one simple reason: she’s not an addict. It’s unknown whether or not she’ll appear in any scenes of the fifth season of the show, which is currently in production. Other rumored cast mates for Celebrity Rehab 5 include Lindsay’s father Michael Lohan, Baywatch’s Jeremy Jackson and Michaele’s husband Tareq Salahi.

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So, is Charlie Sheen Crazy or What?

Charlie Sheen says that he’s clean and focused following an “epiphanous awakening,” and when we figure out just what he means by that we’ll let you know. “I’m on a quest to claim absolute victory on every front,” he told Piers Morgan on CNN.

If victory means practically monopolizing the media, Sheen’s already there. The actor's publicist quit on Monday, saying he is “unable to work effectively” at his job, and it’s no wonder. Charlie Sheen has been calling TMZ, CNN, Good Morning America and -- it seems -- anyone else who’ll pick up the phone.

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