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Dr. Dre Sells Beats for $3 Billion

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Dr. DreDr. Dre has secured a deal to sell his Beats Music business to Apple for $3 billion, making him the richest artist in hip-hop.

The co-founder, who launched the headphones and streaming service with friend Jimmy Lovine, will leave Interscope, which he founded, to work with Apple alongside his business partner.

"I've always known in my heart that Beats belonged with Apple. The idea when we started the company was inspired by Apple's unmatched ability to marry culture and technology. Apple's deep commitment to music fans, artists, songwriters and the music industry is something special," Dre said, according to NME.com.

Dre could be set to become hip-hop's first billionaire after Apple announced they will buy the business for $2.6 billion, as well as spending $400 million "that will vest over time." Talking about the deal, which has been rumored for weeks, Apple's CEO Tim Cook said, "Music is such an important part of all of our lives and holds a special place within our hearts at Apple. That's why we have kept investing in music and are bringing together these extraordinary teams so we can continue to create the most innovative music products and services in the world."

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Salma Hayek Searching for Perfect London Pad

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Salma HayekSalma Hayek is house-hunting in London.

The 47-year-old actress and her French husband Francois-Henri Pinault - who have a five-year-old daughter, Valentina Paloma, together - are searching for the perfect pad in the English capital to act as a base when Salma is filming in the UK.

"Francois-Henri Pinault and Salma Hayek intend to rent a house in London where Hayek already spends a lot of time, especially for her film career. Pinault will not be domiciled in the UK and remains a French resident," a spokesperson confirmed to The Sunday Times newspaper.

Salma was initially spotted leaving top hotel Claridge's with a top London property agent on Thursday and spent the day viewing family homes in the city's most exclusive areas including Belgravia, Kensington and Notting Hill, the paper reports.

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Lady Gaga Dumps Manager Over Creative Differences

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Lady Gaga and her former manager Troy CarterLady Gaga has split from her manager due to "creative differences."

The "Applause" hitmaker has parted ways with Troy Carter - who has worked with her since 2007 - just days ahead of the release of her highly anticipated third studio album ARTPOP on November 11.

"It's sad but also liberating at the same time. One door closes and another opens," a source told UsMagazine.com.

Troy helped launch the pop superstar's glittering career after joining her team in 2007 on the recommendation of Gaga's Streamline Records label boss, Vincent Herbert. The music manager even earned an Emmy Award nomination in 2011 for his efforts in producing Gaga's HBO concert special, Lady Gaga Presents the Monster Ball Tour: At Madison Square Garden.

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Drobo and Connected Data to merge, we look forward to Transporter-like Drobos

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Drobo Transporter Connected Data merger

Here at Gear Live, we're big fans of both Drobo and the Transporter, so excuse us if we're more than a little excited about the announcement that the two companies that entered into a merger agreement. We've covered the Transporter in the past, but to refresh your memory, it's a collaborative file-sharing device that offers Dropbox- or Copy-like functionality, but stored locally with no fees. Of course, Drobo makes fantastic external storage devices, many of which we've covered extensively. It will be great to see new Drobos that offer the Transporter file-sharing abilities. Nothing official has been announced, but we can dream.

Kevin Costner Wins Stephen Baldwin Court Battle

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Kevin Costner leaving courtKevin Costner has won a court battle against actor Stephen Baldwin.

The decision came less than two hours after closing arguments ended on Thursday and a jury rejected Stephen's claim that he and a friend missed out on a lucrative contract with oil company BP thanks to Kevin and his business partner in oil cleanup, Patrick Smith.

"My name means more to me than money and that's why we didn't settle," Kevin said.

Stephen and co-plaintiff Spyridon Contogouris, were asking for at least $17 million in damages at federal court in New Orleans, however were awarded nothing. In the wake of the Deepwater Horizon spill in the Gulf of Mexico, The Bodyguard actor offered BP the services of a device he had helped develop, and BP contracted to buy 32 of the oil-and-water-separating centrifuges in the summer of 2010.

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Businesses: Here’s what you can learn from the Sony PSN security fail

psn outage

Sony's devastating security breach is not only a public relations nightmare and now, an identity-theft worry for its customers, but it's also a reminder (yet again) of the vulnerability of computer networks.

Sony's PlayStation Network is comprised of networked servers housing massive amounts of data including valued customer data. The parts making up Sony's network are not much different than the parts making up any other business' network, except most business networks are on a smaller scale.

While Sony is not releasing a lot of detail as to how the breach was carried out or what security mechanisms it had in place that failed, there are some good lessons learned for any business no matter what the size about protecting network infrastructure and the data residing on those networks.

One of the key ways any company owner can protect themselves is to forget the notion of, "Why would anyone want to hack into my network?" Why? Because they can. Whether you run a business making chocolate candies or handle financials for thousands of clients, taking an offensive approach against hackers, network intruders, or script kiddies looking to make a name for themselves, is fundamental to protecting your business network.

It's important to know that in the technology world, there is no such thing as 100 percent secure. You can lessen the chances of network or data compromise though, with a few tips:

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Tamara Mellon Sticking With Jimmy Choo

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Tamara MellonTamara Mellon is to continue as president of .

The shoo tycoon - who founded the exclusive footwear company in 1996 and now owns a fifth of the firm - has revealed she has no plans to step down from her current role, as there is too much “future growth” left in the business.

“I’m not going anywhere. There is too much future growth in the business for me to leave now. We’re looking at all the different options available to us and it’s hard to know which is preferable until we’ve really examined them all.”

Her comments follow reports she and the other Jimmy Choo shareholders are preparing to appoint financial advisors in a bid to sell the company, which is believed to be worth up to $800 million.

Tamara, who oversees the label’s brand image, recently admitted she uses applications on her iPhone to plan and organize her wardrobe, as it helps her to save time. “One trick I do is I have my closet on my iPhone. I always have so many events coming up so I will take some time and prepare, say, the next 10. The outfits are all photographed and uploaded onto my iPhone, so that when I’m travelling and I’m in the office running late, one of my girls can run over to the hotel and they know - from the download - what to pull out, and it’s ready to go. It’s such a timesaver.”

Mounir Moufarrige Quits Ungaro

Mounir Moufarrige of UngaroMounir Moufarrige has quit his job at the .

The Lebanese-born businessman - who had been the chief executive officer of the fashion label since 2006 - has left the company so he can focus on his other business interests.

Moufarrige has come under huge pressure recently after bringing Mean Girls actress Lindsay Lohan in as artistic director of the brand. The 23-year-old star’s debut line for the French fashion house was a critical flop when it was launched earlier this year.

While his focus will be on his other work, Moufarrige will apparently still remain a member of the company’s strategic committee and will oversee certain project and decisions. Marie Fournier has been named as Ungaro’s new general manager and will keep an eye on the running of the business.

Last month, Moufarrige defended his decision to ask Lindsay to get on board the company. He said, “We’ve got a celebrity and it’s a new concept, which we’re going ahead with. Ungaro, let’s recognize it, was a dormant brand, and now everybody’s talking about it today, so the level of awareness has improved greatly.”

Christian Lacroix Now Designs Jets

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Christian LacroixFrom one runway to another, Christian Lacroix is set to design private jets.

The French designer, who filed for bankruptcy earlier this year, is in talks with Sheikh Hassan bin Ali al-Nuaimi—the nephew of United Arab Emirates ruler Ajman—about investing $70 million in the company. Al-Nuaimi wants to become the majority stakeholder and despite the current global economic downturn, the sheikh has bold plans for the brand. He is keen to transform the fashion label into a luxury lifestyle brand with a range of products including lavish palaces, planes and hotels.

Al-Nuaimi said, “The idea is not to focus on fashion by itself. We are discussing different activities in leisure… private jets, hotels, high-quality yachts, palaces, and interior decoration. We will focus on very exclusive areas and don’t want to sell his name cheap in the market.”

Lacroix, who counts Christina Aguilera among his celebrity fans, will need approval from a French court before the deal goes ahead. A decision is set to be made by the end of the month.

What the F*ck is Social Media?

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What the F*ck is Social Media: One Year Later, is a presentation by Marta Kagan depicting the impact of social media on our current culture. A great starting point for anyone just jumping into the social media bandwagon and a perfect way convince businesses to start taking social media seriously. The presentation explains that social media is about dialog with your consumers—it’s no longer a monologue. Filled with statics, metrics and tips, What the F*ck is Social Media One Year Later is a great presentation that gives some insight into the social media world in a clean, easy to understand manner.