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Paris Hilton Still Horrified by Robberies

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Paris HiltonParis Hilton is still horrified by the robberies that took place at her home.

The 32-year-old socialite has a cameo role in upcoming drama film The Bling Ring - based on true events of when a group of fame-obsessed teenagers tracked the whereabouts of celebrities and robbed their homes, including her own. Even though she accepted a part in Sofia Coppola's movie, the blonde beauty admits she's still coming to terms with the devastating events - which took place between 2008 and 2009 - and can't bring herself to watch the finished film.

"It's [the robbery] still hard for me to deal with. I haven't seen the film yet, but I'll see it at the premiere. I'm going to have to close my eyes for fear of seeing what they really did. It still horrifies me," she said.

Paris was the gang's first target and they made off with millions of dollars of items and treasured possessions.

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Evan Rachel Wood Has Been Robbed

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Evan Rachel WoodEvan Rachel Wood has been robbed.

The True Blood actress and her new husband Jamie Bell are on honeymoon at a secret location but returned to their hotel room on Sunday to find it had been "ransacked" by burglars.

"Dude!! @1jamiebelland i just got robbed!! Found our room ransacked. We are safe and have everything we need. So all is well. #damn (sic)" she wrote on Twitter.

She did not, however, post any further details on the incident.

Earlier that day, she was in better spirits, posting, "Horseback riding with husband. Check! (sic)"

Evan, 25, and the 26-year-old Billy Elliot actor tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in California last Tuesday. The couple took to Twitter shortly after they exchanged vows to share their marital bliss. Evan announced to her followers, "Words cannot describe the happiness i am feeling. Overwhelming. Thanks for all the congratulations! Many thanks to you wonderful people. (sic)"

Fan Allegedly Breaks in to Simon Cowell’s Home

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Simon CowellAn "overzealous" fan has allegedly broken into Simon Cowell's home.

The accused is said to have entered the 52-year-old music mogul's $14 million west London house on Saturday night through a downstairs window, before going to lie on his bed while Simon was in the lounge. The woman is believed to have been caught and detained by Simon's staff and security while they waited for police to arrive.

According to a source, The X Factor boss told a friend, "It was an absolutely terrifying experience. Seeing this woman standing there in my house was like something out of a horror movie. It was frightening but I'm going to take it as a warning. In some ways I've been lucky. You have to look on the positive side because it could have been a whole lot worse. I now know that I need to improve my security."

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Opto-Electronic Design FakeTV

FakeTVWhile we all know that burglars usually avoid houses where there appears to be someone in the house, if you don’t have an alarm system or a watch dog, what else can you do to be safe? Opto-Electronic Design claims their FakeTV is the answer. Controlled by computer, the multi-color LED simulates a real 27-inch TV. A built-in light sensor comes on at dusk and turns off automatically when it’s dawn. While we like the idea of saving some energy while keeping our home safe, we are not completely convinced that this is the way to go. We figure if the burglar is looking for a way to get in anyway, he/she is smart enough to notice a phony television set.

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