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Pillow Remote Control

pillow remote control

How many times have you laid down in your bed, only to realize that you left the remote control across the room? I know I do it on a nightly basis. With that said, why the Pillow Remote Control is just now coming to fruition is beyond me; but hey, if you manage to lose this remote then perhaps you don't deserve to watch TV.

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Sharper Image Declares Bankruptcy

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LV Fish CoastersYou may have already heard that Sharper Image and the cheesy Lillian Vernon filed for bankruptcy because of a loss of sales, increased competition, and a bad credit market. We think that maybe it was because people just tired of overpriced air filtering systems or items that resemble fish. Because gift cards from Sharper Image are now worthless, Brookstone, in either a magnanimous gesture or looking to increase their own sales, have offered a 25% discount for anyone who brings one in. The offer does not include Bose, Panasonic, or Sony products.

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Organize and Recharge Your Gadgets with the Charging Valet

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Charging Valet

Being a gadget-geek occasionally has its downside…such as keeping track of all your “toys” and making sure they’re always charged. Brookstone’s Charging Valet can certainly lend a hand. It’s a handsome, wooden storage unit with a hidden power surge and can hold up to six devices. Just plug their adapters (which also remain hidden) into the surge and Voila! You’ll have an elegant display for your gadgets—while simultaneously charging them. Holds MP3 players, PDAs, digital cameras, portable game consoles and more and measures 13 7/16"L x 8 7/16"W x 5 5/16"L. Available for $75 USD.

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iPod Dock has Everything but the Kitchen Sink

iPod Dock Jukebox Lamp Alarm Clock

We’ve seen all kinds of alarm clocks, FM radios, lamps, iPod docks, and jukeboxes in our comings and goings. But have you ever seen anything that combines all of these into one? Well now you have, courtesy of Brookstone. This 1950s-motif-ed contraption even lights up when turned on, instantly making it the


centerpiece of whatever room it’s in. Perfect for the person who really has everything. Available for $99 USD.

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Bookstone’s 5-Day Wireless Weather Forecaster

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Wireless Weather ForecasterWe recently told you about Brookstone’s Sportscast Wireless Football Scoreboard, a small device that connects via satellite and provides up-to-the-minute football stats and scores. Well now there’s a weather forecast version using similar technology, which means no wiring, computers, or subscriptions required. It receives real-time temperatures (high and low) and conditions for up to five cities in your area via radio signals from AccuWeather.com. Also features a self-setting clock. Cool. Available for $85 USD, and there’s an alarm clock version for $15 more.

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Digital Photo Keychain Keeps Memories Handy

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Digital Photo KeychainWe recently told you about the Women’s Digital Photo Wallet, which includes a tiny digital photo viewer to replace the bulk created by carrying actual photos. Now we bring you the wallet’s BFF, the aptly-named Digital Photo Keychain (both items are available through Brookstone). Like the wallet, the keychain features a small 1.4” LCD screen and contains 8MB of memory to store up to 56 digital photos. Just transfer the photos via USB, make sure the batteries are re-charged, and you’re good to go! Available for $50 USD.

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