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Bronze Steve Jobs statue coming to Graphisoft Park

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A fan of aluminum and glass in life, former Apple CEO Steve Jobs is scheduled to be memorialized with bronze, in death. Hungarian software company Graphisoft is planning to unveil a bronze statue of Jobs on Dec. 21 as both a tribute to Jobs's life at Apple and for his support of Graphisoft itself during the 1980s.

"Apple gave us cash and computers at a time when Graphisoft was a young company with very limited resources; the technology represented by those computers was not even available in our part of the world," reads a statement on Graphisoft Park's Web site. "Even more valuable, Apple introduced us to its worldwide distribution network, which we rely upon to this day."

While Jobs, the innovator, constantly pushed Apple engineers to design smaller and smarter, Hungarian sculptor Erno Toth has built the bronze tribute statue at a slightly larger-than-life height of around six fee, five inches. Steve Jobs, the statue, will weigh approximately 485 pounds once complete.

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Competition couldn’t be higher in men’s hockey

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Mark StreitNow this is a tournament. Last night, the “unstoppable” Canadian men’s hockey team was almost defeated for the second time in two games by the Swiss team. They managed to pull off a shootout victory in a game that was supposed to be won by the end of the first period. This is the same story we’ve seen throughout the first few games of this Olympic tournament, and it couldn’t be more exciting to watch.

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Makeup Mistake of the Day: Bradley Cooper

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Bradley Cooper with bronzer

He may be the “Face” of the new , but Bradley Cooper’s mug was looking anything but good last night.

During the actor’s appearance at the LA premiere of Valentine’s Day, the red carpet lights made one thing perfectly clear: Someone fell asleep on the bronzing job.

Did Cooper simply think his whiskers would mask the lower half of his face? Did girlfriend Renee Zellweger get distracted halfway through the application process? Is there a makeup artist out there who is going to lose their job?

If it makes you feel any better, Bradley—Nicole Kidman’s powder-filled photos are equally as embarrassing as this one.

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Jari Kurri featuring Team Finland

Jari KurriNHL Hall of Famer Jari Kurri is back in the NHL. Sort of. He is attending games in an attempt to evaluate the play of various Finnish skaters. As the general manager of Team Finland, he is responsible for putting together a winning unit to represent his country at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada. While Kurri is one of the most successful hockey players of all-time, he certainly has his work cut out for him as GM.

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PSP Goes Bronze

Bronze PSPPSP Cradle

Sony is releasing a special Limited Edition PSP that comes with a bunch of accessories. To be released in Japan April 24, the Matte Bronze Value pack comes with a pouch, hand strap, a D Terminal AV cable, and a USB mic for Skype, which will become available March 18, for ¥23,800 (~$228.00.) Sony will also be offering a charging cradle that can be used for TV viewing or if you need a break from the gaming action. The holder comes with a remote and will be available for ¥4,800 (~$46.00.)


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