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Justin Bieber Hit with Prostitute Allegations

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Justin Bieber

A woman claims to have spent a "delicious" night with Justin Bieber.

The 19-year-old pop star hit the headlines last week for frequenting famous brothel Centaurus during his visit to Brazil and trying to make a sneaky exit by hiding under a sheet. Further allegations about the "Baby" singer's wild antics abroad have now emerged, as a prostitute from Le Palace nightclub in Panama has come forward to claim she shared a night of passion with the teen heartthrob.  "It was delicious. It was super delicious, because not every day do you get to be with someone famous, especially someone like him. He's a love of a man! A cutie patootie!" she said.

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Justin Bieber Faces Arrest for Graffiti in Brazil

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber faces arrest after he was caught spraying graffiti in Brazil.

Police officers reportedly paid a visit to the mansion the singer has been renting in Rio De Janeiro in an attempt to quiz the "Boyfriend" singer after he was photographed defacing the side of a $37 million hotel in the early hours of Tuesday morning. According to civil police chief Antonio Ricardo, officers tried to locate the 19-year-old pop star at his residence following the incident, but he had already left the country, meaning he could now be arrested next time he enters Brazil.

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Kanye West to Record Track with Will Smith

Kanye West and Will Smith

Kanye West has recorded a duet with Will Smith. The "Stronger" rapper and the Men In Black star were both recently in Brazil for the Rio Carnival and while they were there, they went into the studio together to lay down a new track.

The pair met in the studio of DJ Batutinha - producer and close friend of singer Naldo - and decided on a "funky" tune, which pays tribute to their time in the South American country. DJ Batutinha Brazilian said, "Kanye was keen to get to learn more about the funk in Rio and a DJ friend of mine referred him to me. Will and him went to the studio to get to know the sonority of the funk better. I spoke to them about Naldo and his production, and they thought we could all work out something together and launch this new project."

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Courtney Love Offended By Kurt Picture

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Courtney Love performing in Sao PauloCourtney Love stormed off stage in Brazil after a fan showed her a picture of Kurt Cobain.

The Hole singer stopped her band's set and threatened to "beat the f**k" out of the offending crowd member for holding up the picture of her husband - lead singer of Nirvana, who killed himself in 1994 - as she played at the SWU festival in Sao Paulo this weekend. Upon seeing the picture, Courtney yelled, "I don't need to see a picture of Kurt, a******, and I'm going to have you f***ing removed if you keep holding that up."

Referring to her daughter with Kurt, Frances Bean, 19, she added, "I'm not Kurt, I have to live with his s**t and his ghost and his kid every day and throwing that up is stupid and rude and I'm going to beat the f**k out of you if you do it again. You weren't f***ing married to him, I f***ing was."

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Netflix now streaming in Latin America, starting with Brazil

Netflix latin america

Netflix has officially expanded its business into Latin America: Brazil's the first country to receive the company's streaming movies and television shows, and Netflix plans to roll its service out to a total of 43 different countries in Latin American and the Caribbean over the next week.

Just looking at the numbers, Netflix will be able to bolster its current user count of around 23 million people –only consisting of American and Canadian viewers up until today – by the percentage of Latin America's roughly 205 million Internet users that could potentially tune in to their new streaming service. It's a big audience with potentially big rewards for Netflix, which is perhaps why the company spent so much time performing its due diligence to determine just how its Latin American audience views movies and TV shows.

"We've licensed thousands and thousands of hours of feature films, classic favorites, gripping telenovelas, documentaries and kids shows we know you'll enjoy," wrote Rochelle King, Netflix vice president of user experience and design, on the company's blog.

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Xbox Live expands to nine new countries this fall

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Xbox Live

It’s hard to imagine that, with over 20 million members worldwide, that isn’t available in all Xbox 360 territories, but it’s true. However, we just got word that later this fall nine countries will be granted access to Microsoft’s online gaming community. Gamers in Brazil, Russia, Poland, Chile, Columbia, Greece, Hungary, South Africa, and Czech Republic will all be able to jump in. That potentially means there’ll be a lot of new people available to play against, and you just know that we’ll be seeing a marked increase in Zangief usage in Super Street Fighter IV. Better start prepping now.

Tectoy Zeebo 3G Game System


Zeebo is a new gaming console from Tectoy that can maintain a constant connection via a 3G network. Meant for countries who cannot afford a pricier system, it will run on a BREW-based OS, with an ARM CPU (528MHz,) a Qualcomm Adreno 130 graphics core, 1GB NAND flash memory, 160MB RAM, 128MB DDR SDRAM and 32MB DDR SDRAM. Although the connection is a freebie the games will not be, with prices ranging from about $3.00 to $13.00. The first Zeebos come preloaded with Quake, Action Hero 3D and Evil Prey at a price in the mid $200.00 range and will be out in Brazil this July.


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Madonna Takes a Spill in Brazil

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Last night, Madonna’s Sticky & Sweet tour took a slippery turn.

During her Rio de Janeiro stop, the 50-year-old fell on the wet stage while performing her song “She’s Not Me.” But, like any experienced professional, she didn’t let the weather keep her down. She continued singing while still on the floor.

You can see the mishap at approximately the :35 second mark. ( then picks herself up and kisses a “Like a Virgin” model of herself at approximately the 1:00 point.)

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Zeebo Makes Its Way Into 3G Wireless Gaming

Tectoy Zeebo Game SystemThe Zeebo from Tectoy is aiming to make its way into the very difficult video game market.  The one advantage they have is they are using a 3G wireless network at no cost to the user.  The Zeebo is launching in July of 2009 in Brazil and will then branch out to other markets in developing countries.  The console will be always connected to a 3G network, allowing games and content download.  The system comes with 3 games pre-loaded, Action Hero 3D, Evil Prey, and Quake.  Although not the greatest titles of today, they obviously are not competing with the traditional market, but the $258 price tag certainly does.  The games will cost between $10 and $30, but there is no note of supporting developers or any other titles in the works.  The Zeebo features an ARM 528MHz CPU, Qualcomm Adreno 130 graphics, 1GB NAND flash memory, 160MB RAM, 128MB DDR SDRAM and 32MB stacked DDR SDRAM.  The 3G wireless portion of the Zeebo would be a great concept to see in the U.S on the next generation of consoles if only the carriers would allow it, but we doubt it.

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CBS Reveals Cast of Amazing Race 13

The Amazing Race 13

For ‘s next season, CBS will be taking viewers on a whole new set of adventures. Adventures not yet seen even after 12 installments of the Emmy-award winning series.

Although we’ll still get what we have come to know and love - 11 teams, five continents, 30,000 miles of travel - the producers of the reality hit promise us that Season 13 will be like no other.

Where can we expect to take us this year? After starting in Los Angeles, the duos will travel to Brazil, Bolivia, Russia and India. The crews will also hit Cambodia (where they visit a “real-life water world”) and Kazakhstan for the very first time.

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