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Paralyzed Monkey Relearns Movement

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Monkey Brain

Researchers at the University of Washington have successfully tested a simple approach to help those who are paralyzed. Their method is to use a direct connection between nerve cells and muscles to reteach the brain. The brain-machine interface was used to teach monkeys with wrist paralysis to play a video game. While most scientists were trying to train them to make movements, the team used a biofeedback meter and applesauce (as reward) to change their brain activity.

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Train Your Brain With Headstrong

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Headstrong is now in beta testing and is allowing its brain training software free of charge. Take their “fitness” test which then creates a custom program for you and suggests exercises to help thwart Alzheimer’s or what we simply refer to CRS disease. Developed by clinical neuropsychologist Nicola Gates, one of their claims is that you never have to worry about memory lapses again. We were a bit hesitant to take the test, but figured we would take a shot at it. It seems that they have forgotten us as they haven’t sent the results. Patience is not one of our virtues.


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Brian the Brain, Know-it-All

Meet Brian, whose brain contains The Britannica Concise Encyclopedia, an English dictionary, and a world history timeline. He utilizes voice recognition or keyboard to respond, and can store phone numbers and dial via a phone jack, ask questions, and tell some really corny jokes. Brian contains an MP3 player jack, an integrated speaker, a digital clock, a calendar, and has thousands of bits of trivia stored inside his glowing, color-changing brain. At a size of 13.75 x 11.75 x 10-inches, the Brain is powered by three AAA batteries (not included,) includes a free 3-month subscription to Britannica On Line, and will be ready to play “Jeopardy” with you around October 19 for $119.95.


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Wheelchair Moves by Thoughts

Ambient Wheelchair

Ambient has created a wheelchair that runs on its passenger’s thoughts. It does this with the help of Audeo, a system that catches signals in the larynx from the brain on their way to the voice box. They are then sent to a computer which decodes them and matches them up to pre-recorded words that moves the chair in the specified direction. The company feels that the technology could also work to help those who cannot speak by relaying the messages to a synthesizer. Kudos to Ambient for believing that “everyone should be able to express their thought and ideas.”


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