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Political Arena is like candidate Punch Out

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Political Arena iphone app

The first of many presidential debates, leading to the election next month, kicks off tonight. What can we expect? Probably a lot of verbal attacks more than anything else. A shame, we know, but why not make it a bit more fun? The folks at Vellum Interactive have launched Political Arena, a smartphone game that allows you to choose your favorite candidate and step into a boxing ring to take on members of the opposing political party.

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Eminem: Hollywood’s Next Leading Man?

EminemEminem fell off the radar for a few years after his attention-getting role in 2002's 8 Mile, but now the rapper is back in the spotlight with his best-selling album “Recovery,” and he’s getting back in the movie game.

Random Acts of Violence will mark his return to the big screen, but he’s not stopping there. Eminem is currently working on Shady Talez, a 3-D horror film and Southpaw, a drama about boxing -- not baseball.

Scoff if you will, but some writers are already comparing Eminem to the likes of Will Smith and Mark Wahlberg. It wasn’t so long ago that both A-listers were household names because of their rap skills. Will Smith returned to rapping in 1997, but now he’s passed the torch on to his daughter. Wahlberg, perhaps anxious to put his Marky Mark days behind him, has not rapped since he became a bankable box office star.

Random Acts of Violence originally began with a Grand Theft Auto feel, but director David Von Ancken says his vision for the film is more like The Town or The Departed. In the film, Eminem plays an ex-con stuck between his old pals and the FBI.

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First Look: Christian Bale and Mark Wahlberg in The Fighter

Last summer, Christian Bale went to extreme measures (again) to physically prepare for a role. Now, we get to see the film he was so passionate about.

In The Fighter, Bale plays a Dicky Eklund, a former boxer turned drug addict who later helps his brother (Mark Wahlberg) with his own career. The biopic about real-life boxer “Irish” Mickey Ward () also stars Amy Adams Mickey’s love interest.

The movie, directed by Three Kings’ David O. Russell, opens on December 10—just in time for Oscar season.

Tyson and Holyfield to Reunite in Oprah’s Ring

Oprah Winfrey really knows how to milk her ratings cows. Recently, we’ve seen her interviews with Whitney Houston and Mackenzie Phillips stretch out over two separate hours. Now, is getting his Round 2.

This Friday, the former heavyweight champion will be sharing the stage with a very special guest: Evander Holyfield. Yes, that would be the same boxer Tyson bit - twice - during their June 1997 fight.

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EA Sports Fight Night Round 4

Fight Night Round 4EA Sports has released Fight Night Round 4 for the Playstation 3 and . The boxing game includes both Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson in its total 48 characters. It has a physics-based gameplay engine that should make for more realistic play. Added to the new release is Legacy mode that lets you move up from amateur to the top of the heap. A Photo Game Face tool will help you create your virtual self. Pick one up for $59.99 for either game system.

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American Idol’s Heavyweight Battle

David vs. David

For the epic battle of the Davids, began the week with a boxing, King of the Ring-type theme. Famous ring announcer Michael Buffer kicked off the night not with his famous catchphrase, but with Ryan Seacrest’s (”this is American Idol”). He called this final showdown between the two the “fight of the century, scheduled for three rounds of competition.”

The competitors were announced as David “Sugarfoot” Cook and David “Babyface” Archuleta. Both were replete with silk robes and boxing gloves, while the season’s other Idols looked on from the audience. finally appeared to hype up the crowd, encouraging the audience to sound off for their favorite David.

David Archuleta looked a little swamped by the Nokia theater, shyly admitting that it was, for him, a “dream come true” just to be there. Randy Jackson urged both the competitors to “leave everything on the floor,” calling the night’s contest a “duel for the King of the Nokia.” He advised each to “drop it hard tonight.”

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Take Your Best Shot at the USB Punching Head

USB Punch HeadHey, we’re all about gadgets that help relieve stress. With the Punch Head, your stress-relief actually becomes an interactive experience, thanks to the included software. Land a solid blow to the fake head, and you’ll actually hear sounds of pain emanate from your computer. Plus, the harder the punch, the louder the agonizing sound. You can even choose a photo to be shown onscreen, and special effects that reflect your actions. Not exactly Fight Club, but if it prevents your aggression from landing you in jail, we’re all about it. Visit the website to watch a rather interesting demo. Available soon.

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USB Boxer Delivers Punches

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USB BoxerIf you still have one USB port left to fill with a toy, you might want to add the Boxer. Play with him in three different modes, auto, manual, and keystroke. The most amusing aspect of this device is that you control his punches with enclosed software and your arrow keys. Each hit is marked on his counter and you can rotate him to vary his workout. Add the bell and some crowd noises, and you have the definitive answer to interactive boredom. The dude will set you back £29.99 (~$59.00,) but at least this time you get to work out some of your cubicle frustration with some results.

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The Desktop Speed Bag Keeps You from going Postal

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Everlast Desktop Speedbag

We’ve all gotten so angry at work we just wanted to punch a

co-worker wall out of frustration. Or freaked out at home because our PC “died” before we backed up all our priceless illegal downloads

files. For these moments, we highly suggest the Desktop Speed Bag, made by Everlast, no less. The Speed Bag has a terrific old school look to it (think “Cinderella Man”) and is made of vinyl with a suction cup base and heavy duty spring. It also comes with a pump and inflating needles, and measures 7.5” diam., 15"H. Yes, your co-workers may deem you weird for having this, but it beats those pesky assault charges you’ll narrowly avoid. Not surprisingly, the $32 USD Speed Bag is currently on backorder until early December.

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Wii Inflatable Boxing Gloves

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Wii Boxing Gloves

We’ll resist the urge to make an Oscar De La Hoya-and-fishnets joke and just tell you about these


boxing gloves specifically designed for Nintendo Wii boxing games. Just put your Wiimote and Nunchuk inside the gloves and inflate them. Now you can really live out your dream of being Muhammad (or Laila) Ali.  Much like similar accessories for Wii Sports, fishing games, and even Cooking Mama, the gloves serve to add a sense of “realism”—or goofy fun—to your Wii-playing experience.

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