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Britney Spears: Addicted to Attention?

Posted by K.C. Morgan Categories: Gossip, Rumors,

Britney Spears queen is at it again. Though the pregnancy rumors have recently been denounced, there’s still plenty of Britney news to go around. In fact, maybe too much.

According to a report, the star walked into a dressing room at a chic boutique and walked back out sans clothing. Maybe she just missed a step somewhere in-between? After this peep show, Britney and her current boyfriend Adnan went into the room together for the better part of an hour - or so the story goes.

Frankly, I find all this Britney news rather troubling. She’s missing court dates, being rushed to hospitals, making scenes at stores. Could it be that Britney, who became a megastar at a very tender age, is addicted to media attention? Before she was being called things like “train wreck,” she was a hot young star - and she got lots of positive media feedback. But now, even negativity doesn’t seem to deter Spears. Could it be that she’s willing to take whatever headlines she can get…however she has to get them?

I don’t pretend to understand her psyche or her actions, but I do know one thing: this chick needs to stay out of the papers for a while.

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Armani Opens Boutique in Second Life

Armani BoutiqueGiorgio Armani has certainly been active of late. He has just teamed with Samsung, and now he has opened a virtual shop on Second Life. Modeled after his showplace in Milan, he will be sending an avatar of himself during its grand opening. Users of the site will be able to buy his wares with Linden Dollars or can connect to his Emporia Armani. The designer had this to say about the concept, “Finally, I can really be in two places at once.”

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