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Name That Booze

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Booze Test

Think you know what’s in your drink? We have found a short quiz that will see if you know your alcoholic stuff. The Booze Test gives you plenty of chances to rate your bar acumen. It will then let you know if you are a lightweight or an outright alcoholic. We were slightly surprised that we rated as high as we did, so don’t tell anybody. Let your friends know about it and then start thinking about an intervention for all of you.

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Cyclone cocktail shaker swirls your drinks to perfection

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Cocktail Cyclone

Similar to the Automatic Martini Shaker we recently wrote about the Cyclone Cocktail Shaker promises to provide some flashy automation for the mixing of your favorite drink. The Cyclone Cocktail Shaker creates a maelstrom of ingredients as it blends your drink of choice in it’s clear mixing container. Mixing up to 16-ounces at a time this acrylic and stainless steel device combines form and function into a single sleek package. At the $15 price point the motor can’t possibly be up for properly blending with ice so liquors and mixers should be pre-chilled, but that aside this looks to be a great conversation piece for any geeks wet bar.

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MyFountain Pours, Then Cleans Up

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MyFountainThis certainly puts Robocco to shame. Digital Beverages’ MyFountain can pour mixed drinks, beer, wine, and soft drinks with a tap on its LCD touchscreen. With Virtual Bartender software, you have the option of creating your own ingredient list and proportions or use their online drink recipe generator. There is also password protection to keep the kids from imbibing. A mini-fridge sits below your counter and can hold up to a dozen different bottles of booze and mixers. After it pours your drink, it will sanitize the liquid lines with hot water. The company is planning to have them available by the Spring of 2008 with a hefty price of $2,500.00.

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