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Prince Seeks to Protect Artistic Content on the Net

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PrincePrince has asked YouTube to remove unauthorized clips of his recent concert in London. There have been more than 1,000 of them eliminated in the past week by Web Sheriff, a company he hired to do the dirty work. He is also trying to stop unauthorized filesharing and items sold on eBay without his permission. Managing director of the company John Giacobbi said, “Prince feels very strongly that people should remember his concerts as they were, not as some grainy mobile phone footage.”

Considering all the freebies he gave away to UKers, we think this is a decent request on his part. We have been to several concerts of late where security will no longer allow cameras to be taken inside and suspect it is a sign of more restrictions to come.


DVD-Sniffing Dogs Help Curb Counterfeiting

DVD-sniffing dogs

Bootleggers beware: DVD pirating is going to the dogs.  Literally.

Last Wednesday, the district attorney’s office in Queens, New York reported on the success of a police raid, where a substantial inventory of counterfeit DVDs was undermined.  But what set this particular raid apart from the ordinary, everyday struggle to stop the illegal distribution of popular films, were two black Labradors—Lucky and Flo—the newest offensive against a billion-dollar industry.

The dogs use their highly-trained sense of smell to identify chemicals used in the DVDs, and, according to law enforcement, have become a legitimate threat to bootleggers.  Said Queens District Attorney Robert Brown, Man’s best friend has become a DVD counterfeiters worst nightmare.

This marks the first canine-assisted bust in the United States after the dogs helped put a stop to a major pirating operation in Malaysia last March.  With sponsorship from the Motion Picture Association of America, the dogs are sure to have a long, effective tour in the states.

One thing’s for sure: major bootlegging outfits have a new enemy—one with big teeth, fast legs and an inexplicable aversion to copyright infringement.

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Bootleg Sniffing Dogs Receive Rewards

Lucky and FloOur props to Lucky and Flo, two honest-to-goodness DVD-sniffing dogs who received medals after ending a 6 month assignment in Malaysia. The two black labs managed to find 1.6 million illegal movie discs, three DVD replicating machines, and 97 compact disc burners, valued at $6 million. They even went as far as discovering some behind a false wall. Although they cannot tell real from bootleg, their handlers can. The canine cops will be traveling to New York, where they will strut their stuff in the Big Apple. We think the officials should have just given them some kibble and perhaps a copy of “Lady and The Tramp” for their reward.

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