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Modern Fossils Sculptures

Posted by Jenny Lewis Categories: Accessories, Design, Misc. Tech,

Modern Fossils

I like to think that in the future, the people of that time will come across relics from the 21st century and laugh at how hard our lives were. I can’t imagine what technological strides will have been made by then, but thanks to Christopher Locke we can have an idea of what kind of antiquities they’ll theoretically be finding. Locke’s Modern Fossils sculpture series renders our current (and some previous) technologies in a proprietary concrete mixture, giving them the look of actual fossils. Most of the pieces are for sale and range in price from $45 to $185.


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Made-in-China HJ69 MP5 Player

MP5 PlayerThis black and white boombox can also play video. The HJ69 features a 3.5-inch TFT display, a PC woofer, a clock with optional music or radio alarm and built-in FM tuner. It will play MP1, MP2, MP3, WMA, WMV, ASF and WAV music files as well as RM, RMVB and AVI video files. Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux, power it up with AAA batteries (not included.) Contact Made-In-China for more details and price tag.

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Flud Condenses A Boombox To Your Wrist

Posted by Aaron Zollo Categories: Accessories, Wearables,

flud boombox watchYou miss the 80s and you want people to know it.  With the new Boombox from Flud, you can flaunt your love of big hair, break dancing and a more simple time, which required large music generating boxes to rest upon your shoulder.  Understanding the need to carry more important things and in an age of portability, Flud has shrunken the Boombox to the wrist and given you a watch to go along with it.  The watch, unfortunately does not feature a working boombox, but does use an LED display, giving a nice red vintage glow.  The watch is available for $90 in silver or gun metal.

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CES 2008: Portable Scoreboard for Jocks

Versus ScoreboardSeventy 7’s Felip Ivanovski’s baby is his Versus Scoreboard. A former professional phys. ed. instructor, he thought it would be nice to have a counter made of more than just wood. The device features 2 10W speakers, a mic, a countdown timer, buzzer, period tracker, and can be customized with a faceplate of the sponsor’s name. Its LED settings will work both indoors and out, and its RF remote can apparently work through walls. We dig that it can jeer or applaud and can be taught team specific team chants. The Scoreboard can double as a boom box with MP3 playback.Running on battery or AC power, contact Seventy 7 for further info and price.

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Boombox Constructed of Cardboard

Cardboard Boombox

If you can fold, you can save some money on this Mini Cardboard Boombox. The retro-looking dock comes flat packed, includes working amplified speakers, and is compatible with iPod and other MP3 players. It runs on 2 included AA batteries and may fool fellow workmates into believing that you too have a macho power system, provided they don’t look too closely or light a match near it. The Boombox is due out the end of this month for about $40.00.


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The Spider-Man Boombox: ‘Nuff Said

Spider-Man Boombox

There are two types of people in this world: those who are drooling over the accompanying photo, and those who just aren’t. And the photo says it all….a CD boom box with AM/FM radio in the shape of ‘s head. Just remember that if you want to show Spidey off outdoors (and you know you do), he requires a whopping eight C batteries. Don’t worry, an AC adapter is included. Available for $50 USD.

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Woody Cool Tunes Cooler Bag

Woody Cool Tunes Cooler Bag

So we recently told you about the Boombox Bag, which this writer loved so much she ventured over to a local Journeys store to check it out…only to find it was way too small (albeit cute) for her needs. A new contender is the

poorly named

Woody Cool Tunes Cooler Bag, complete with faux wood grain and built-in speakers. As with the Boombox Bag, just plug in your or MP3 player, and hear your music anywhere you go. And being a cooler, it also keeps your drinks and food cold while your party on. Need more? It even has a built-in AM/FM radio, in case no one “gets” your taste in music. Pretty cool for $45 USD.

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Ferrari Gets Into Home Entertainment

Meridian F80Put the name Ferrari on something and you can either assume it is of quality or expensive, or both. Their latest endeavor is their teaming up with Meridian to create the F80 Home Entertainment System, which looks neavou riche but is basically a glorified boombox. The gadget, which comes in red, yellow, silver, black, or white, features an FM/AM/DAB tuner and DVD player. Its 3 amplifiers feed two drivers in front and one rear-firing sub. Hook it up to your TV and you have something that will really fly.

Be prepared for a price tag of ~$3500 for the Limited Edition or ~$2900 if you just want to stick to basics. You can then let your NASCAR buds in on the action. Check with Meridian for details about its release date.

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