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2010-11 Midseason Television Programming Schedule

A new year means a new TV schedule.

This week, we’ll see a number of familiar faces returning to primetime. On Monday, Brad Womack will play The Bachelor for a second time on ABC. The following day, Paula Abdul will come back to reality television with while Jane Badler will once again be featured in a series titled V.

As you will see from the schedule, Hellcats won’t be the only show airing on a new day. The Defenders will move to Fridays as will . Meanwhile, NBC has shuffled its Thursday night comedy lineup around.

We hope our detailed guide -- with information from the five major networks -- can assist you in the weeks to come. We’ve included the days, times and return/premiere dates for the midseason programs.

(NOTE: This schedule has been updated as of January 27. Don’t be surprised to see changes in the weeks to come.)

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BOB Takes Role as Strict Parent

BOBIf you are tired of yelling at your kids to stop playing video games, Hopscotch Technology’s BOB will take care of the problem. With a simple set-up, it can be used with all electronics, including computers and TVs. BOB will simply turn off whatever device it is connected to at a pre-selected time. It can handle up to 6 users and is tamper-resistant, unless that kid is also a particularly smart one.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends only 1 to 2 hours of screentime per day. We suspect that if parents were to enforce that, there would be a lot of Johnny going over to Jimmy’s house for sleepovers. BOB is available for $99.00 to keep your conscience clear.

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