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Earthrace Circumnavigates on Body Fat

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Peter Bethume is attempting his second circumnavigation of the planet in Earthrace, a boat that is powered by biodiesel fuel as an alternate to fossil fuel. In order to draw attention to the trip, he and two other crew members received liposuction and collected about 2.5 gallons of fat from their bodies. That’s enough to go nine miles. In all, the ship carries 3,000 gallons of fuel and can go up to 2,800 miles on a full tank. It can withstand heavy winds and 50 ft. waves. The trip has been estimated to take about 65 days.

Costing almost $5 million to create, Bethume cooked up this video last year in an attempt to raise funds for the voyage. We bet that he would still be willing to take donations, either in funding or your own body fuel.


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Proteus Heads For the Water


Developed for biological studies, water exploration, rescue, and the military, the Proteus has begun taking a few test drives around the States. The wave adaptive modular vessel can travel up to 5,000 miles on 2,000 gallons of diesel fuel. Its debut was in New York and it is planning on working its way to San Francisco in January before it moves on to Washington, D.C.

At a size of 100 x 50 feet and a cost of about $1.5 million, the vehicle has metal and fabric pontoons with hinges for skimming up to 30 knots (34.5 mph) while cushioned by shock absorbers. It also can be fitted with different detachable cabins for up to 12 passengers. Named after the Greek sea god who could alter his appearance, we think the Proteus will look a bit strange at first glance and just may scare off the enemy without doing anything but hanging out.


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Transparent Kayak-Canoe for Viewing Under the Sea

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Transparent Kayak-CanoeWhat could be more fun than white water rafting during these humid summer days? Taking this kayak-canoe hybrid out for a dip in the water may be just more of an adventure with its transparent polymer hull that allows you to see all the flora and fauna beneath you and your buds. The watercraft is made with a lightweight anodized aluminum frame and comes with two double-headed paddles, a water bailer, and two flotation devices on the off chance that there is something down there that looks like it wants to be where you are. Available at Hammacher Schlemmer, you will need to do some serious vacationing to make the $1,459.95 toy pay for itself.

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