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2015 Holiday Gift Guide: Tesla vs. Edison

Tesla vs. Edison

Next up in our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide, a uniquely fun board game - Tesla vs. Edison: War of Currents. You control a start-up company in the early days of the U.S. electric industry. In the beginning you only have your lead inventor, some shares of preferred stock, and some money. Over the course of the game you will be hiring other famous technicians and business people to work for you. Each luminary in the game has their own unique ratings, and the inventors also have their own special abilities. The actions that you allocate this team of exceptional historical figures to take will determine the fate of your company. The path you take is up to you.

You can pick up Tesla vs. Edison now


Why are some board game rules so ridiculously complicated? [Video]

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Risky Settlers Knights and Allies of the Lords of Dominion of Earth Pandemic Edition

One can argue that the resurgence of tabletop gaming and board games can be attributed in large part to Kickstarter. We've backed a few games, but there's one we can't wait to play above all others: Risky Settlers Knights and Allies of the Lords of Dominion of Earth: Pandemic Edition. Why? Check out the video after the break to see for yourself.

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2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Monopoly zAPPed

Monopoly zapped edition

Next up in our 2012 Holiday Gift Guide is Monopoly zAPPed, a full-fledged verion of Monopoly that can also be considered an iPad accessory. There are gonna be a lot of iPads and iPad minis under the tree this year, and if you already know someone who owns one (or who will own one this holiday season,) consider this game as a fun gift for them. The game is played with an iPhone or iPad with two to four players, and is different from tradtional Monopoly in that the device (iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone) is the bank and there are on-screen mini games. Also, there is no money, as you just swipe your credit card on the display for transactions. Included in the box are the game board with rubber pads, 6 tokens, 28 Property cards, 32 green houses, 12 red hotels, 2 dice, 4 Monopoly Touch-banking cards and instructions. You can pick up Monopoly zAPPed for $29.99, or $26.24 on Amazon (a 14% savings!)

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Bleeding Edge TV 425: Duo Plink, Duo Pop, and Atari Arcade for iPad

We chat with Discovery Bay about their iPad game accessories that turn the Apple tablet into an actual game board. The accessories include Duo Plink, Yoomi Duo, and Duo Pop. In addition, they've got the Atari Arcade joystick that, in conjunction with the Atari games app, lets you control the old-school retro games with a bona fide controller. You can pick up these Discovery Bay products on Amazon. This was recorded at CES 2012.

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Bleeding Edge TV 362: Playing Catan on Microsoft Surface

We’ve been fans of Catan since we first played it, interestingly enough, on the as an Xbox Live Arcade download. Since then, we’ve enjoyed many hours of the strategic masterpiece both online and in social settings. Recently, we paid a visit to Seattle’s Vectorform, a developer for the Microsoft Surface platform. They gave us a look at their take on Settlers of Catan using the Surface tabletop, and even included a few very cool and interesting real-world peripherals. We quickly realized how interesting Surface can make tabletop gaming. Check out the video above to see what me mean.

Rihanna Boards Battleship Movie

RihannaSinger Rihanna is set to make her big screen debut in .

The Grammy award winner will star alongside (True Blood) and Taylor Kitsch (Friday Night Lights) in the movie based on the popular Hasbro game.

The Peter Berg-directed movie - which will take place across land, sea and air - will see the planet fighting for survival against an alien invader known as The Regents. The film will be told from both sides of the battle

Kitsch is set to play a naval officer who leads the fight against the invading species, while Skarsgard will play his brother. It is not yet known what role will play.

Brian Koppleman and David Levien provided revisions to the original screenplay written by Jon and Erich Hoeber (Whiteout).

Battleship launches in cinemas on May 25, 2012.

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Monopoly: The Stupidest Movie Ever?


(I might normally preface the information I’m about to share with a disclaimer, a statement saying that this is not a joke. The truth is, I’m not so sure about that this time…and frankly, I am truly hoping that it is a joke - perhaps some press stunt or some such thing. In either case…)

According to recent reports, is moving forward with a film based on the popular board game Monopoly. Ridley Scott, who’s behind such movies as Alien and Gladiator is going to direct. But just wait! That’s not even the outlandish part.

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Remake News: MacGyver, It, The Bodyguard and More

MacGyver: Now you didn’t think those MacGruber skits would lead nowhere, did ya? After seeing a renewed interest in the former ABC series (thanks NBC), New Line has decided to pounce on the golden opportunity. The story about a resourceful agent (Angus MacGyver) who improvised during critical moments will now be turned into a motion picture. No casting decisions or script have been completed.

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Ridley Scott to Direct Film Version of Monopoly

MonopolyIf you’ve found yourself needing to enjoy Monopoly in one more possible form, you’re in luck. An adaptation of the classic game is now being prepared for the big screen, nearly 25 years after the same was done for Clue. (Yes, it was that long ago.)

And while some may choose to write this project off completely - I mean, the game only has like one character - there could be reason to take note. A few high-profile names have already been attached to the Hasbro-Universal collaboration. Ridley Scott, the same man behind Gladiator and , will be co-producing and directing the film. (He reportedly would like to give the film a “futuristic sheen” like he did with 1982’s Blade Runner.) Meanwhile, Pamela Pettler, the woman who penned Corpse Bride and Monster House, is in charge of the script.

Other games that could eventually end up in theaters include Ouija Board and Battleship.

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Xbox Live Arcade 8/1: Marathon: Durandal And Spyglass Board Games

Spyglass Board Games Xbox Live Arcade

Marathon: Durandal and Spyglass Board Games are now available on the Xbox Live Arcade, as previously announced. Marathon is an old-school FPS originally developed by Bungie, the guys behind Halo. While you may not have had a chance to play it before – or even hear of it – it’s a game that introduced many mechanics into the FPS genre that have been taken for granted for years now, like dual wielding. The game will run you 800 Microsoft Points, or $10. If you liked Doom, be sure to give Marathon a shot.

Spyglass Board Games is a compilation of four very popular classic board games: chess, checkers, mancala, and reversi. Given its cheap price (400 points; $5) and Vision Camera support, it’s definitely something worth picking up if you enjoy any of the included games.

Check after the break for more details on both games.

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