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Christopher Kane Answers Your Questions

Christopher Kane for TopshopScottish designer Christopher Kane actually wants to give you the time of day! In an effort to gauge interest in the unveiling of his Topshop line due this Fall, Kane will be answering questions on their blog.

While this isn’t the first time that he has collaborated with Topshop, this will be his largest at 39 pieces (shoes and bags, too!).

“This is more than a capsule collection. It’s proper: with bags, shoes, knitwear and dresses. It’s nothing like any other work I’ve done in the past. Everything is a bit ‘wow.’ But If I tell you any more, I’ll be giving the theme away,” the designer explained to Grazia‘s Melanie Rickey.

If you’ve got anything about him that’s picking your brain, now’s the time to ask! Post up your questions on Topshop’s blog before this Wednesday, June 17th. Hurry and don’t waste space with incompetent questions!

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Blog to Help Stop Hunger

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Hunger BadgeWe like to think that we are doing our bit for BlogCatalog and Heifer International to help stop world hunger. How are we doing this? By telling you today that you can join other bloggers and write a post about the subject on April 29. We figure you can pay it forward to others by posting a blog and putting one of their badges on your site as well.

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Charles Going Back to Space

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Charles SumonyiLucky Charles Simonyi is going back into space March 26, the first private citizen to make a return trip. He will conduct a series of experiments as well as communicate with students via HAM radio on the ISS (ARISS) during the 12 day trek. We first mentioned him back in 2007 and now, like then, he will continue to blog from his website and feature live video and audio content from NASA TV in his “Follow the Updates” section. Although the second flight is undoubtedly still costing him a fortune, we expect he will reuse his suit.

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Logitech Sells Its Billionth Mouse

Billie the MouseYesterday, Logitech announced that it shipped its billionth mouse, although it hasn’t gone very far as yet. Around since the 80’s, the company claims that it sells 7.8 million per month in about 100 countries. To celebrate the event, Logitech is backing a contest that allows anyone to follow Billie the mouse’s journey and try to figure out where it will end up. You can follow the fun on their BLogitech site where, if you answer a question correctly, may land you a MX1100 Cordless Laser Mouse.

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People Wonder Why Obama Is Called “Radical”

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A blog that Democratic Presidential Nominee Barack Obama wrote on the far-left website, Daily Kos, has resurfaced. As of late, he’s been trying to fool us with the illusion that he’s a moderate. He basically asks readers to pretend to be less radical.

It’s been hard the last couple of weeks for the Obama campaign to spin stories made public by Republican Presidential Nominee John McCain, because recently, they’ve been using Obama’s own words against him.


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Travis Barker Thanks Fans and Shares Photos

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Travis Barker

UPDATE: Travis Barker has since been released from the hospital.

Three weeks after surviving a fatal plane crash in South Carolina, Travis Barker is now opening up about his recovery process.

In a message posted this weekend on MySpace, the drummer - who is scheduled for another surgery today - shared photos from his hospital stay and thanked fans for their ongoing support. The long-time vegetarian also talks about eating meat (the proteins help with his recovery), the inspiration he felt after seeing DJ AM (Adam Goldstein) and the fine doctors who have been attending to him.

Travis’ recent entry can be read in full after the jump.

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Paris Hilton on Paris

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Paris Hilton‘s new reality show (in it, she’ll be searching for a new best friend) has not yet hit the small screen, but fans can keep up on the progress through her MySpace blog.

That is, you can keep up with it if you can get around the glaring spelling and grammatical errors - delivered in a sort of stream-of-consciousness fashion. Yet, amazingly, the heiress has penned a best-selling book. Hilton reports that shooting her show is “quite the experience, these people are amazing!” She adds: “Everyone of the contestants is very special in there own way,” and says all are “having the best time.”

According to Hilton’s blog, she took “some of the contestants” with her to Japan and Las Vegas. She cautions, however, “not everything is all fun and games.” She talks of “brutal” challenges and the fact that she doesn’t like the eliminations.

Paris added a note on her personal life, and actually threw in a plug for boyfriend Benji Madden’s blog. The show, by the way, will be coming to MTV in September.

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Kanye West No Longer Engaged

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Kanye West, Alexis Phifer

In the past six months, has experienced a series of highs and lows…personally and professionally.  Just last November, the rapper unexpectedly lost his mother to heart disease after a scheduled surgical procedure.  That setback led to a heartfelt performance from West at this February’s .

Now the 30-year-old artist is currently wowing fans and critics with his Glow in the Dark tour while weathering an another emotional period.  It’s been announced that his wedding to designer Alexis Phifer has been called off.  The couple, who had been engaged since 2006, had reportedly been spending less and less time together during West’s pre-tour preparations.

In a recent blog entry, Kanye said he was wasn’t dedicating his energy to things he didn’t love anymore.  I guess that, sadly, included Phifer.

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Spaced Remake Snubs Creators

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SpacedFor fans of the original series - some of us still finding it hard to accept that there will never be a third season - the announcement that an American remake of Spaced was on the way probably didn’t raise cheers of joy. 

In fact, it’s always been assumed that Granada (as it will be called) would be Americanized and Hollywoodized beyond recognition from the original genius upon which it’s based, which makes this latest piece of news all the more infuriating.

Wonderland and Warner Brothers, more specifically McG, have apparently cut , Jessica (Stevenson) Hynes, and show’s director Edgar Wright out of any participation with the show, crossing lines from avoidance to clear expression that their creative input is undesired.  A foolish gesture considering Pegg and Wright’s phenomenal American success with Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, and morally just all sorts of wrong.

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Wiki and Google Trade Tech

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Wikia SearchAfter months of talking and testing, Wikia Search has announced that it will be open to the “general public” next week. Founder Jimmy Wales is sending it the way of Wikipedia, i.e. allowing volunteers to improve on its technology as it develops. The site will open with about 50 to 100 million Web pages indexed, as opposed to other search engines that run in the billions. Interestingly enough, Google is planning to launch its own version of Wikipedia, knol, where authors actually get credit and share in its advertising revenue.

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