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Vote for Gear Live’s Bleeding Edge TV in the 2012 Podcast Awards!

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Alright guys, we need your help. Gear Live's flagship video show, Bleeding Edge TV, is up nominated in two categories in the 8th annual Podcast Awards. What's cool about that is that we never once asked for anyone to submit us for nominations, so you guys did this all on your own and we totally appreciate that! Now that we are in the running, though, we're asking for your assistance!

The two categories we're up for are the People's Choice Award, and Best Video Podcast. Voting is simple--just head over to the Podcast Awards page and choose Bleeding Edge TV in those two categories, and submit your ballot. You'll get an email confirmation link to confirm your vote, and when you click the link, you are done. If you do this once, you are awesome. You can vote once per day, and if you do that, we will love you forever.

If we end up winning here, we'll be running a major giveaway. We won't spoil the surprise (or generate false hope,) but it'll be good. Again, just head over to the Podcast Awards page and vote for Bleeding Edge TV in the People's Choice and Best Video Podcast categories! Wanna help more? Click here to share this on Twitter!


Catch Bleeding Edge TV on FiOS TV

Bleeding Edge TV on FiOS

If you’ve followed us for any amount of time, then you’d be familiar with our gadget and tech video show, Bleeding Edge TV. You can find it here on Gear Live, on YouTube, on Blip.tv, and a bunch of other places on the interwebs. However, today we are happy to tell you that if you are a FiOS TV subscriber, you can catch the show there as well, on demand. To check it out, just pull up On Demand, and go into The Cutting Edge category. From there, choose Blip.tv, and you’ll find us (along with other top Blip-hosted programming). Expect to see our other show, Unboxing Live up there shortly as well.

For those of you on other cable systems, no worries - we are working hard to bring our content to your cable boxes as well. In the meantime, the Internet will have to do.

2007’s Ten Most Popular Episodes of Bleeding Edge TV

We know we are a couple days late, but being the extreme hardcore rockers that we are, we weren’t coherent enough to push out our top 10 most popular episodes of Bleeding Edge TV, Gear Live’s technology video show. Or something like that. Anyhoo, click through to check out the ten videos that were viewed the most in 2007. If we’ve learned anything from compiling the list, it’s that you guys love yourselves some , , , and video games. Exclusives also seem to strike your fancy.

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The Bleeding Edge In High Resolution Now Available

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For all you fans of our award-winning video show, The Bleeding Edge, we wanted to let you guys know that we have created a high resolution feed for your viewing enjoyment. This is perfect if you want to stream the shows over your network to an Apple TV or Xbox 360. You can subscribe to the high resolution version of The Bleeding Edge in iTunes, or you can download them episode-by-episode in the show notes of any previously posted show. Enjoy!

CES 2007 Video: IOGEAR’s Nano Shield Technology Coated Peripherals

Keith Renty of IOGEAR gives us the low down on their Nano Shield technology. This coating lasts for a couple of years and kills all bacteria on your keyboard or mouse. This is aimed at the healthcare and education industry - but if you are a hypochondriac, it works for you as well.

Vote For The Bleeding Edge On Digg

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Alright peeps, time for the obligatory support request from our fans and viewers. We are asking everyone who enjoys our show, The Bleeding Edge to vote for us on Digg. You see, they have a new Podcast Directory, and you are able to both Digg the show as well as Digg individual episodes to show us which ones are your favorites. If you have a Digg account, please head on over and give us a vote. If you don’t, go ahead and create one - they’re free after all! Thanks in advance ladies and gents.

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Bleeding Edge 070: A Look Behind Gear Live and The Bleeding Edge - A Documentary

Here at The Bleeding Edge, there are some issues that we normally just gloss over for the sake of our reputation. What you don’t know is that Andru Edwards is a very controlling, true gadget freak who can’t move past that issue, Sparky actually knows nothing about technology and is just full of himself, Nate True sucks at fiming our show, and Jesse Ferguson has to fix everything, and is just insanely uptight. Now, it has all been revealed. Check out this episode of The Bleeding Edge, where we go behind the scenes to meet everyone who makes the show happen.