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New Samsung Galaxy S III color options revealed

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Samsung Galaxy S III colors

When the Samsung Galaxy S III was announced, we thought the two colors that it would be available in, white and pebble blue, both looked great and should satisfy anyone. Not so, says Samsung. The company is set to drop four additional Galaxy S III colors: Sapphire Black, Amber Brown, Titanium Gray, and Garnet Red (which AT&T got a bit early.) The colors will be mixed between various carriers, so don't expect to have your pick of the litter at your local store, okay?

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Logitech Premier Edition Black Guitar Controller

PS3 GuitarLogitech has announced their Premier Edition Black Guitar Controller. The faux instrument is made of a one-piece contoured wood body, a noise dampening design on the strum bar and buttons and accents on the metal frets. Play Guitar Hero as far away as 30 feet from a Playstation 2 or 3 console for hundreds of hours before needing a recharge. Look for it in the U.S. this month for $199.99 and in Europe in June.

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Baby Phat Belted Linen Shirt Dress: The Little Black Dress With Sass

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BabyPhat dressI would love to own one of those sexy, clingy, little black dresses that are a go to for many types of occasions, dressed up or down, but some people cannot pull off that clingy look. I am one of those women, so when I saw this dress on ‘s site I fell in love with it. It has a military shirt feel on top but has enough sassy details that stand out to let you know that this was made for a woman with personality and an eye for clothing to bring out her feminine side.

I love the shiny hardware buttons and belt that sits at the waist, but my favorite part is the dainty ruffle trim at the bottom of the dress. It creates a flirty silhouette that is sure to stun. At $84 for the Belted Linen Shirt Dress, it is nothing to sneeze at, but it won’t break the bank either. You deserve to look your best and this little number will make you a stand out.

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2008 Emmys Fashion: The Black Dress

Although last night’s Emmy ceremony was full of surprises, many of yesterday’s attendees chose to keep it very safe. Here is just a sampling of the dark selections seen on the red carpet:

America Ferrera

(America Ferrera)

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Crazy Days and Nights

Rogue Pictures Seeking Strangers Sequel

Studio heads try to get Liv Tyler for Strangers sequel

Having domestically grossed $54 with a modest $9 million budget, The Strangers was a tremendous hit for Rogue Pictures. Of course, we all unfortunately know what follows any amount of success in Hollywood these days: sequels.

Hoping that they have a new horror franchise on their hands, producers over at the Universal Pictures subsidary have their greedy hearts set on Liv Tyler‘s return, as well as the rest of the original villains (just admit how much you loved seeing Gemma Ward as the creepy psycho girl).

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Xbox 360 Elite Finally Official

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Xbox 360 Elite

Microsoft finally confirmed the rumors; the Xbox 360 Elite will be available on April 29th for $479.99. As previously leaked, the new black console will feature an upgraded 120 GB hard drive and HDMI port, finally giving Microsoft’s console a true digital output for those with digital HDTV displays. The 120 GB hard drive will also sell separately for $179.99, while seems somewhat high, and would only seem reasonable next to Microsoft’s $100 price tag for the 20 GB drive. It is also somewhat disappointing that Microsoft’s “Elite” console only comes bundled with a month of their Xbox Live Gold service; it would seem an inexpensive way to increase the value of the bundle to include a full year. At least the bundle includes an HDMI cable, something Sony decided not to include with the PlayStation 3. In addition to the new bundle and hard drive, Microsoft will also be selling black versions of their accessories to go with the new console, so that gamers don’t have to worry about their wireless controller clashing with their game system. While this bundle offers a lot to new purchasers of the Xbox 360, it seems hard to justify to existing owners. It also seems disappointing that when Microsoft promised that they would make an HDMI connection available when the time was right, it kind of seems hollow that the connection requires a whole new console.

Microsoft’s full press release continues after the jump.


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Rumor: New $479 Xbox 360 SKU features 120GB HD, HDMI

Black Xbox 360 report

The big news this morning comes to us courtesy of GameInformer magazine and a scan-happy reader, who points to a new article detailing the upgraded Xbox 360 that’s been rumored for so long. The major details so far? The new 360 will come in black (which our very own gearlive scooped right here), and it will feature built-in HDMI outputs, an HDMI cable (zing!), and an upgraded 120GB harddrive for holding all that new IPTV content. The system’s rumored to break in “late April”.

The $479 price tag is obviously meant to take another cheap shot at Sony, as MS’s most expensive SKU will still be cheaper than Sony’s cheapest PS3. Still, with all these upgrades to the console built in, it’s a wonder they forgot to include WiFi compatibility out of the box… no love for those of us with our routers in other rooms?!?

And for all of you wondering whether this is an April fool’s joke, the story appears to have been vetted by Kotaku:

Matt Helgeson, senior editor over at Game Informer, just dropped us a line to let us know that the story is in fact true. As a rule they don’t post fake news stories in their April mag. So go celebrate.

There you have it! See the scans after the jump.

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Disney to Feature First Black Heroine

Disney Frog PrincessThe Walt Disney Company will return to the classic, hand-drawn animated feature in 2009 with The Frog Princess, the whimsical tale of a girl named Maddy living in New Orleans.  Not only does the film mark a return to traditional animation, but it also introduces the first black heroine ever to star in an animated Disney film.  The company plans to add Maddy to its successful Princess division, an extremely lucrative product line featuring eight princesses from past Disney films and targeting young girls ages 3 to 8.  The film will also pay tribute to the recently hapless town of New Orleans, showcasing its contributions to American culture through Randy Newman-tinged jazz music.

The aptly timed tribute to New Orleans notwithstanding, the introduction of a black heroine seems a bit late.  At over eighty years old, the Walt Disney Company should have taken this step years ago, not only when realizing their Princess profits were perhaps lacking some African American dollars.  However belated, the film parallels a unique time in US history – the strong possibility of either a black or female president in 2008.  Whether or not this was Disney’s intention, a return to hand-drawn animation, with some diversity thrown in, can only be a good thing.  Keep checking FilmCrunch for all updates on The Frog Princess.

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Game Crazy POS Shows Black Xbox 360 Date, Price

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Xbox 360 BlackA post on the Cheap Ass Gamer forums indicates that a new Xbox 360 SKU has been loaded into the system, appearing as

GM-XBOX 360 (black/ 120GB) $479.99 NEW $439.99 USED

. The release date is currently listed as 5/1/2007. Some of the posters in the forum were able to confirm this, and Kotaku was able to get independent confirmation from various Game Crazy stores as well. Now, this could be just a phantom in the system, an update created based on speculation at Game Crazy, so one can’t really describe this as a confirmation that there is a black Xbox 360 coming out, but this, along with the previously released alleged box art would seem to be tipping the scales further and further in favor of its existence.

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Black Xbox 360 Box Art Leaked?

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Xbox 360 Black

Playfeed’s parent blog, Gear Live, has gotten a hold of some internal images of a limited edition black Xbox 360 console with HDMI support, which would seem to confirm the recent rumors on the Internet about a black Xbox 360 release. These rumors originally had the release timed to counter the Playstation 3 launch in Europe and Australia, but an actual release date at this time is unknown. The box art reportedly mentions that the new console includes three USB 2.0 ports and an HDMI port, but has no mention of the hard drive size. Still, the mythical HDMI-enabled Xbox 360 looks to be getting closer and closer to becoming a reality.

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