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Ashley Greene’s DKNY Billboard

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Ashley Greene for DKNYAshley Greene says it's "very cool" to appear on a giant billboard for DKNY.

The actress is the new face of the brand and says it was amazing to see her campaign be unveiled in New York's Times Square yesterday. "This is very cool. There are a lot of firsts for me here today. It's my first photo op in Times Square, my first time on one of these buses and my first billboard for DKNY Jeans. It's an exciting day. The campaign shots turned out great. They're such talented photographers and really captured the essence of New York."

Ashley is also an ambassador for Mark cosmetics and said she's happy that the two brands she works with are so complementary: "They pair together nicely. They reach the same demographic - young and carefree. And they both provide a positive message of empowerment for women."

The full DKNY advertising campaign featuring Ashley will be out beginning in early January.


Italy Deems Julianne Moore Ads Indecent

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Julianne Moore for Bulgari

For a city known for its Renaissance paintings that feature plenty of women wearing little clothing in a continent that seems to wonder why many Americans fear nudity, it may come as a shock to many that Venice, Italy has banned the above Bulgari ad, starring actress from its scheduled billboard duties.

“An advertisement showing a nude woman on a divan is not appropriate for St Mark’s Square,” Mayor Giorgio Orsoni said.

While Moore may not have clothes on, the smiling, playful lion cubs seem to diffuse the expected sexual charge of the photo. That, of course, wasn’t enough for the folks who oversee what is posted around their city…

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Paris Hilton Threatens to Sue Billboard Company

Paris Hilton's face on a New Zealand billboard

Much like Woody Allen’s legal battle with American Apparel over the usage of an Annie Hall image, everyone’s favorite reality star heiress Paris Hilton is now finding herself in a similar battle after a New Zealand billboard firm slapped her face on one of their spaces.

On top of using her image without acquiring approval, the Media5 ad has “Vacant” written in large letters across the photo of her partying.

“Paris has a proven ability to laugh at herself. We assume that the agency has taken care of the rights to the image of Paris, but we will ask the question. We’re not trying to offend anyone,” spokesperson for Media 5, Adam McGregor, said.

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Gap Proceeds with Jennifer Hudson Ad Spots

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Jennifer Hudson for The Gap

The day after Halloween, the Christmas season began. It will not end until January (decorations and store returns linger for days after the actual event). And since retailers are constantly trying to skip Halloween altogether and start the buy-friendly holiday as early as September, the Gap has moved ahead with their ad campaign. In the ads, potential customers will see a smiling, red-swathed spreading her holiday spirit. For some viewers, it feels at odds with Hudson’s tragic .

Could the Gap really be this tacky?

Never worry, holiday shoppers, this mega retailer would never step into a potential PR landmine without covering all the bases. A rep for the chain has confirmed that Jennifer Hudson herself approved the use of her image, even at this upsetting time.

“She said she wanted to be a part of it and that we should move forward,” said Gap spokesperson Olive Doyne, who added that Hudson was given the option of backing out of the campaign completely. The Oscar-winning actress was photographed for the spots last July.

You can see her, part of the “Shine Your Own Star” campaign, smiling from magazines, newspapers and billboards throughout this shopping season. Several other stars are also part of the campaign.

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HP Scitex Hits Big Printer Market

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HP Scitex TJ8500

If you have ever considered going into the poster making business, HP Korea has released its HP Scitex TJ8500. The printer can produce up to 70 sheets/hour at 336 dpi. In addition, it can make 140 1.5 m X 1.8 m posters per hour and 100 billboards in 8 hours. Their environmentally friendly UV850 Supreme ink will work on vinyl, banners, canvas, and self-adhesive materials, as well as untreated material. Check with HP for availability and price on the Scitex.


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U.K. Seeks Spies Who Like to Play

GCHQ billboardJust as Pontiac is utilizing billboards in “Need for Speed” to increase sales, the Government Communications Headquarters, which is part of British Intelligence, has begun to recruit through video games. Looking for an “Internet-savvy generation of graduate groups,” the campaign will begin the end of October and run for a month. The GCHQ is targeting Xbox games such as “Splinter Cell,” “Carbon,” and “Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.” What we would like to know is if potential recruits who are that heavily into war games notice and respond, what leads them to believe that those same gamers would leave their consoles for a real gig?

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