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JAC 4R3, the pirated Ford F-150, set to debut at Beijing Motor Show

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Last summer I finally had a chance to return to my motherland, Ukraine. I grew up hearing stories of the place, but never got to experience it for what it really was, despite being born there. Apart from that fact that most of the stories I heard growing up were true (such as the mob “security personnel” running everything) I was shocked at the counterfeits I saw everywhere.

Now I’m not talking about computer software, as that's inevitable. What surprised me most were the vehicle counterfeits. Yes, you’d have your legitimate Benz here and there, but the general public mostly drove knock-offs from China. I saw countless fake vehicles everywhere, Toyotas to Dodge vehicles each having a Chinese cousin.

Chinese manufacturer JAC will be debuting the 4R3 at the Beijing Motor Show. The 4R3 is essentially a Ford F-150 copy. JAC is aiming to release the 4R3 in South American and African markets as an inexpensive work vehicle. The truck is powered by a diesel propelled four-banger, set to generate a little over a 100 horsepower and 177 torques. Though we’re not sure on what Ford has to say about this, we've gotta assume that it’s only a matter of time before JAC hears from Ford legal!

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First Look: Jaden Smith in Karate Kid Trailer

“The only way to stop them is to face them” - talking to Jaden Smith about

Hollywood remakes

his Chinese bullies.

In this remake of , the drama has shifted from Los Angeles to Beijing, chopsticks have been coupled with a fly swatter and “wax on, wax off” has been replaced with “pick up your jacket.” Otherwise, I think the story’s pretty much about the same…? (I’ll let you decide whether that’s a good thing or not.)

The martial arts action kicks in June 11.

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Saturday Ratings: Michael Phelps Had the Country Watching

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Michael Phelps

USA’s Olympic golden boy helped the Peacock network earn ratings gold this weekend.

Viewers, eager to see MIchael Phelps win his 8th gold medal turned, gave its largest Saturday audience since 1990.

That evening’s coverage drew an average of 31.1 million for the entirety of the sports coverage. Meanwhile, Phelps’ actual event - the 4x100m medley relay - drew approximately 40 million sets of eyeballs at the 11 p.m. hour.

Interested to know which program had couch potatoes watching on that Saturday 18 years ago? You can find out the surprising answer after the jump.

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Futon Critic

This Week on TV (8/18-8/24)

Danity Kane

(You can view TV Envy’s Summer Television Programming Schedule here.)
(You can navigate NBC’s Olympics schedule here.)


MONDAY (8/18)
  • I Want to Work for Diddy (VH1, 9pm):  “Two members from each team must go to Paris and convince a model that Diddy saw in a magazine to come back to NYC with them and pose for .” If you want to flatter a girl, don’t send one assistant - send four.
  • The Hills (MTV, 10pm): Season 4 premiere. I’m ashamed to say that I know what a ‘Lo’ is.
  • Paranormal State (A&E, 10pm):  “A family in Shrewsbury, Mass., claims to have been living with a spirit for 40 years, and all but one family member believe the spirit is malicious.” If they’ve managed to live with it for 40 years, how bad could this spirit possibly be?
  • Date My Ex: Jo & Slade (Bravo, 10pm):  “Juvenile tomfoolery back at he house irks Slade and may mean the expulsion of a suitor.” Had this been simply adult tomfoolery, things would have been fine.

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China Does A Milli Vanilli

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Olympic Fireworks

First we hear that some of the fireworks displayed during the opening night ceremonies in Beijing were a 3D CGI. Created by Crystal Digital Technology Co, the excuse was “for convenience and theatrical effects.” Now we hear that China has used one little girl’s pretty face to lip sync to another’s voice. Okay, but is this the kind of image China wants to project? About 1 billion watched the ceremonies with about 34.2 million from the U.S. alone.


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Lenovo 2008 Olympics Thumb and Flash Drives

Torch DriveMascot Flash Drive

Wonder how China will be able to pay for all that high-tech stuff from the opening ceremonies at the Beijing Summer Olympics? Aside from tickets, Lenovo has become the official drive designer/manufacturer. Their Limited Edition 4BG thumb drive is made from the same material as the torch and goes for a whopping $980.00. Their Mascot series of 4GB flash drives have a Fuwa image on the front and one has the logo. The set is available for a less expensive $199.99.

If you are really into the games and want a different perspective, visit Lenovo’s site for news, extreme coverage, and Medal Tracker.


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Friday Ratings: Olympics Ceremony Brings the Gold to NBC

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2008 Summer Olympics

Let’s face it. Viewers probably weren’t watching Swingtown last night. So let’s just focus on the one event the world was glued to: the .

Although a lot of controversy has surrounded this year’s games, the ratings - at least for the tape-delayed opening ceremony - surpassed expectations:

  • Beijing’s opening day was the most-watched summer ceremony held outside the United States.
  • The 2004 Athens games scored a 18.0 rating/30 share; Friday’s event earned a 21.5 rating/37 share.
  • In comparison, the 1996 Atlanta games pulled in a 23.6/45 on its opening day.

is planning up to 3600 hours of coverage through August 24.

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NBC to Stream Olympics

NBC logoHave you ever watched the Olympics only to find that they didn’t televise the event you wanted to see? No need to leave your computer this summer as NBC has made plans to stream the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games when they begin August 8. They estimate 4,000 hours of events which adds up to 200 hours per day. NBC’s SVP of Digital Digital Media Perkins Miller says that viewers can isolate events by sport or individual and can rewatch those that they want to see again. Over 17 different technology partners will be involved worldwide.

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ANTM Cycle 9: “The Girl Who Becomes America’s Next Top Model”


This week we were down to the Final Three: Saleisha (the bubbly chick), Chantal (the girl-next-door) and Jenah (the sarcastic one).  Since there were two eliminations to be made in this episode, things got off to a very quick start.

For their last shoot of the competition, the ladies met with Jay Manuel and the rep from CoverGirl.  It was time for the girls to do their requisite print ad/commercial for the cosmetics company.  The eventual winner of the competition would have her still photo used in the national advertising campaign for CG’s new Wet Slicks Fruit Spritzers.

Before things got underway, the semi-finalists got a surprise visitor: Jaslene.  The Cycle 8 champion was there to provide a few inspirational words…and to prove that anyone, regardless of their nasally accent, could become a spokesmodel.  Why haven’t her speaking skills improved over the past year?

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America’s Next Top Model: Cycle 9: ‘The Girls Go to the Great Wall’


With Heather finally out of the competition, the girls were feeling slightly more relaxed.  Now they only had themselves to blame.  Woo hoo!  Although their guilt (briefly) kicked in when they read the nice note their former roommate left behind, they didn’t mourn for long.  As Bianca noted, Heather was always in her ‘own world’; they didn’t really notice that her presence was now missing.

Having made it to the Final Four, the remaining ladies (Bianca, Chantal, Saleisha and Jenah) were now moving on from their stay in Shanghai.  After arriving at their new destination, Beijing, they travelled to a beautiful spot where they were greeted by Miss J and Twiggy.  Dancers representing the ‘Four Beauties’ of Chinese culture then took the ladies on a visual trip through Chinese history.  After the presentation, the models were sent to their new home where they found four red boxes waiting for them.  Inside each box was a replica of a dress worn by one of the performers earlier that day.

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