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FOFA, For the Person Who Has Everything and Loses It

FOFAWe once had a remote control that would chirp when it was lost, but its batteries ran down and it took about 2 weeks to find it. We had one of those beepers that would help us find our car, but it set off at least 3 car alarms. Now Australia‚Äôs Melbourne Design has designed Find One, Find All which utilizes RFID technology to find up to six different devices up to 30 feet away. If you have one of the six on you, you can discover the other five with a loud beep and flashing LED.  A set of two finders goes for $24.95 (CR2032 coin cell batteries included,) with Wallet and flat Remote finders for an additional $12.47 each. The best part? No embarassing clapping is involved.

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