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Video: Diddy on KFC vs. Popeye’s fried chicken

Just leave it to Diddy, hip-hop star, fashion mogul, and leader of Bad Boy Records, to bring such a scientific experiment into the forefront of our minds. Why the final word between KFC’s fried chicken and that of Popeye’s has taken so long to be settled is beyond me, but we need to thank the heavens above that Diddy was able to bring this important issue into light.

Now we won’t ruin the results, but we will say that we have to agree with his assessment that says KFC mashed potatoes and gravy beat Popeye’s version, while Popeye’s beans destroy those of KFC. But really, this is all about the chicken, is it not? Hit the video above for the results - we’ve kept you waiting long enough.


Recipe: The Perfect Protein, Rice and Beans

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Beans and rice, rice and beans. Endorsed by scores of nations worldwide, beans and rice provides a balance of protein and carbs that can hardly be beat (not to mention the combination creates a very thrifty meal). Add some chicken for an extra protein bump and some salsa for flavor, and you have a dinner that’s quick, healthy and delish.

This recipe came to me via the print edition of Clean Eating magazine, which I highly endorse.

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Turbo Toaster Designed Out of Frustration

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Turbo Toaster

Oliver Newberry, a graduate of Central St. Martins College of Art and Design in London, got perturbed when his beans, one of his fave meals, wouldn’t stay hot while he was making his toast. His prototype Turbo Toaster was born, apparently impressive enough to allow funding from Heinz. We admire ingenuity here at Gear Live but wonder if he could just keep the legumes on the burner while making his toast or perhaps make the toast first and the beans will reheat it. The thought of that breakfast may not get our taste buds excited, but it certainly helped Newberry land a gig.

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