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Philips To Offer External BD-ROM

Blu-ray BD-ROM

If you are leery of the still high priced Blu-ray disc players and recorders, Philips and Lite-On Digital Solutions (PLDS) will be soon be releasing an external BD-ROM.

Jelmer Veldman of PLDS, says “The market adoption of Blu-ray as the optical disc standard for High Definition content results in a growing demand for Blu-ray playback solutions.”

The DX-4O1S allows for playback via USB 2.0. It can read Blu-ray, single-layer DVD, dual-layer DVD, and CD media. PLDS also has an internal drive available for ~$150.00. Due out in Q2, we figure that the DVD war’s outcome somehow was no surprise to the company.


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Pimp Your Computer with a Blu-ray Drive

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Pioneer BDC-2202

Got an extra $300 handy? If so, next month you can get yourself a Pioneer BDC-2202, a drive for your PC that reads and writes Blu-ray discs, DVDs and CDs. The BDC-2202 writes data at a speed of 5X—five times faster than the original Blu-ray recorders (it writes double-layer Blu-ray discs at 2X). The next-gen drive even includes software for transferring video from camcorders to Blu-ray (or DVD) and any disc created on the Pioneer can be played on your brand new PS3 and other Blu-ray drives. While there have been other Blu-ray drives for the PC, this is certainly one for a great price, especially when compared to the pricier living room versions.

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