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Panasonic Race Car Only Requires AA Batteries

Oxyride CarOxyride Batteries

Yesterday Panasonic demonstrated a race car in Japan that runs on 192 units of their new Oxyride AA batteries, which they claim will work 3 times longer than alkaline. The vehicle actually attained a maximum speed of 122 km/h (~75.8 mph) with an average 109.5 km/h (~68 mph) when running back and forth on a 1km track. Although we admire the creativity put into the vehicle and Panasonic’s promotional concept, we noticed that this is not your average green product. Not only would the batteries cost a fortune (we did a quickie estimate and came up with $239.52 if purchased retail,) think of the recycling cost.


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Video: Unboxing Belkin TunePower for Zune

We recently posted a video of us opening up a TunePower for over on Unboxing that we figured you guys might be interested in. The TunePower for Zune extends the battery life of the device by 6-12 hours, depending on what sort of activity you are doing, and also has a kickstand for your video viewing pleasure. Check out the video for the full scoop.

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Yet Another Wiimote mod: The Glowing Nunchuk

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The Glowing NunchukFirst there was the the totally sweet glowing A Button, then there was the the multi-color glowing A Button mod. And now, we bring you the glowing Nunchuk mod.

How much longer can it be until some enterprising hacker unveils the multi-color glowing A Button AND Nunchuk mod which will no doubt drain the poor batteries in seconds? I’ll lay money on about 3 weeks…

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