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Batman pulled over by the police and the story behind it

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Have you ever thought you'd see a real-life Batman on the other side of the law? Being pulled over by police and questioned? No, this isn’t a scene from the new Batman movie, but rather a reality that played out on the streets of Baltimore.

Lenny B. Robinson, a wealthy philanthropist, dresses as Batman as a part-time gig. According to the report, Robinson visits sick children in the hospital to cheer them up and boost the moral of the parents. He signs autographs and gives out Batman toys to the children. The Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder is only a part of his gig.

Robinson told the Post that he is having a “real” Batmobile built. Watch the video above to see Batman being pulled over by the police.

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Weekend Reading: Stan Goldberg, Steranko And Villains & Vigilantes

Villains & VigilantesLet’s roll...and punch 2011 in the face!

Writers Without Borders: J. A. Konrath, an excellent writer and a smart guy especially on publishing subjects, has some thoughts about the current spiral of Borders bookstores.

Comix: The Forbidden Planet blog introduces me to a new “underground” style newspaper available in London. “The tabloid size is absolutely lovely for reading comics. It’s something our ancestors knew so well, but we’ve forgotten it over the years.” I really want The Comix Reader to succeed, so if you’re living over there, go get one.

Sci-Fi: My old friend Scott Bieser has a new webcomic that he's started called Quantum Vibe. I'm bookmarking it and you should too.

Archie: Blogger Steven Thompson at Booksteve’s Library reviews Archie: The Best of Stan Goldberg: “Unlike the usual Archie house style, his Betty and Veronica look different from each other, with Betty in particular showing a unique cuteness when drawn by Stan.”

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Do You Drive A Batmobile?

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Batmobile keys

You might not be aware of it, but you may be driving a version of the Batmobile. Throughout the vehicle’s history, artists and filmmakers alike used popular car base models to construct the Caped Crusader’s famous ride. The History of the Batmobile website indexes more than 200 variations on Batsy’s wheels, and provides information on the inspiration behind each version.

For example, the first Batmobile is a copy of a RED 1936 Cord. From 1970-1987, it seems Batman drove a pretty standard black corvette (complete with “battering ram” and “armor plated body panels”, of course).

I looked for my old Ford Tempo GL, a maroon four-door sedan with a broken air conditioner, but came up empty. I searched for Honda Civics, or hybrids, to see if Batman was becoming more eco-friendly in the current times, but found gas-guzzlers in their place.

Now, with “stealth mode” available in Toyota Priuses, it might not be too long before Bruce Wayne goes “green,” trading in his 10 mpg (highway) hummer-tank for a sleek EV-1. But maybe not, because after all, muscle cars look more fierce than fuel economy cars. I honestly, can’t see criminals shaking in their boots when when chased by a moped-inspired bat-bike, but that’s just me.

A great comic book resource to have.  Enjoy strolling through Batmobile memory lane.