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Health Bulletin #1: The disease that poses as a UTI—and affects more than 1 in 300 women

blueberries I’ve been thinking about the best way to start blogging about health issues that really matter to women. And I decided that, in addition to product reviews, exercise and eating advice, etc., it’d be a good idea to spend some time each week focusing on a particular health threat. Why not start with one that’s close to my heart (and bladder)?

One lovely Sunday morning about seven or eight years ago, my mom cornered me before breakfast and asked if I could have gonorrhea. I sputtered and shook, furious that my own mother could think I had an STD. I told her that I hadn’t put in the dirty work for that one, and we awkwardly moved on. But the truth is, her question was valid. For about a year, I’d been getting frequent urinary tract infections (UTIs), but as of late, every test had come back negative. No bacteria, no infection; I was fine. Fast forward four years. I had just graduated from college and reached a sulky sort of resignation that I would simply always have “my” symptoms: stinging pain when I peed, urgent/frequent urination (often with nothing to show for my effort), and pain in my bladder/pelvic region. Then my grandmother said the two magic words: interstitial cystitis.

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LED Bath Light

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Design, Household, Misc. Tech,

LED Bath LightA while back we found a shower head that measures temperature and changes colors, but for bath fanatics, there is an LED Bath Light that does so much more. It not only displays temperature by colors and numbers, it can be put in Color Mode for when you are feeling frisky and Candle Mode when you want calm. Flashlight Mode is simply bright and solid. It also has its own charging base. Designed by Kai Chen, it is an upgrade on his original prototype lamp.

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The Remote Control Rubber Duck

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Remote Control Rubber DuckYou know we’re in a technologically-obsessed world when rubber ducks get the remote-control treatment. Still, it sounds like tons of fun and think of the possibilities: if you get two, you and your kid can engage in silly rubber duckie drag races! And don’t worry, even though the motorized bird seems electrocution-friendly, Duckie and the controller are both waterproof. The controller requires 2 AA batteries while the charger requires 4 AA batteries. A 5-minute charge yields 15 minutes of bathtime joy. Available for $27 USD.

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MP3 Floating Wave Machine Makes Bathtime Even More Relaxing

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MP3 Floating Wave MachineBathtime. Ahhhh, sounds like a soothing idea in these “crazy busy” times, right? Well who knew baths could be made even more relaxing? That’s why we’re fascinated with the poorly named

XA-AW33 MP3 player, a device that not only plays music (up to 256 MB), but also creates waves to the beat of your tunes. Plus, the gadget emits a calming light show! We’re not sure if you can use bubble bath with this item, as we suspect mounds of bubbles might interfere with the waves, lights—or both. Unfortunately, the XA-AW33 is only available in Japan, so lets hope JVC calms us stressed out Americans down by bringing it stateside.

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