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CES 2008: Ubicell Best Wireless Accessory

UbicellSamsung seems to be near the top of the heap in being noticed at this year’s CES, which has given it 32 awards. Included are 20 electronic and mobile products, 4 TVs, an MP3 player, Bluetooth speakers, a PC, a home theater system, and a frig. Among the prize-winning gadgets is the Ubicell in the Best of Wireless Handsets/Accessories category. This small base station is easy installation and will work with your existing mobile phone to give you indoor service. Samsung has more bragging rights posted on their site.

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Apple Airport Extreme Receives Gigabit Treatment

Airport Extreme Gigabit

When released the new Airport Extreme back in January, we complained about the lack of gigabit Ethernet ports. After all, if you are gonna call the thing “Extreme”, you should make sure that the title fits, right? Well, fast forward to seven months later, Apple has finally updated their Airport Extreme 802.11n Base Station with gigabit ports. Here at Gear Live HQ, we have wired gigabit running through the place, so this is a very welcome change from our perspective. The price of the Airport Extreme remains at $179 USD.

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