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Bandai Samurai Pedometer

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Samurai PedometerWe have seen plenty of pedometers of late, but we think that this one may really encourage you to exercise. Bandai’s latest toy allows you to be a famous samurai warrior from the Sengoku or Warring States Period and take your foot soldiers to battle. The more you walk, the higher up you get in rank. The device also has a calorie counter, will be out mid-July and carries a price of ¥4,725 (~$49.00.)

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Bandai Ants Life Studio

Ants Life StudioIf you were one of those kids that dug ant farms but could never get them to stay alive, Bandai’s Ants Life Studio is for you. The pixelated screen shows you how ants live and you control them by dropping virtual worms, sugar, fruit and pebbles on the ground. You can watch the workers work as well as stun your virtual pets a tad by shaking the device. The Studio has a blue backlight so that you can watch them even at night. So far only in Japan for $129.99, take a peak at Bandai’s site for demos.

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Tachikoma Tank Becomes RC Toy

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Tachikoma Tank

Cool toymaker Bandai has recreated the Tachikoma Tank from the popular anime series and video game “Ghost in the Shell.” The remote-controlled bot hooks up to your computer via USB and will read your e-mail, and write and carry out applications. The tank will also be capable of playing mini-games that Bandai will be developing in the near future. At a price of $199.99, it will be another excuse for you to stay on the computer. Look for its release in Japan around February.


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New Version of Pac-Man Becomes Available

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Pac-Man Championship EditionX-box 360 Live Pac-Man addicts finally have something to get excited about. Microsoft and Namco Bandai have announced that they have developed a new version of the 26 year-old classic arcade game. The Pac-Man Championship Edition features new mazes for the characters and is available as of today via the XBox Live Marketplace for 800 MS points.
The announcement of the new game came during the Pac-Man World Championship held in New York’s Times Square, where Mexico’s Carlos Daniel Borrego won with a score of 22,160. We wonder if Carlos began monopolizing his parents’ TV to play the original when he was a toddler to practice for the big event.

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