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Apple prematurely announces iPhone 4S launching October 14, updated iPod nano

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iPhone 4S Japan

It looks like Apple Japan has let the cat out of the bag prior to the official announcements set for this morning. Expect Apple to announce the iPhone 4S, an upgraded iPhone 4 with better camera, improved GPS, faster A5 processor, and the new Assistant feature. In addition, it looks like the iPod nano will get updated as well. The iPhone 4S will launch on October 14th!


Is this how the iPhone 5 Assistant feature will work?

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Our friends over at MacRumors comissioned to have the video above put together, which is a mock-up that shows how the new Assistant feature on the iPhone 4S / iPhone 5 will work. Take a look, as it's based on knowledge from trusted sources, and is a result of Apple's purchase of Siri. Of course, the iPhone 4S / iPhone 5 will be revealed tomorrow, and we'll have all the details for you here, live.

Apple officially announces October 4 iPhone event

iPhone 5 event

Apple has confirmed its October 4th iPhone announcement, as they've sent invites out to members of the press inviting us all to join them for the news. Apple's invites are always pretty telling in a vague sort of way. In this one, we see the date and time of the announcement, as well as the location (Apple's Cupertino campus.) The iPhone icon, along with the phrase "Let's talk iPhone." is where the hint is, in our opinion. The big rumored feature of the iPhone 5 is Assistant, which is said to be voice control on steroids. We bet this will be the big feature talked about this time, and you'll certainly be talking to your iPhone a lot more.

We'll have all the news on October 4th as it happens, start to finish!

Comic Book Jobs: Checking Out Craigslist

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Abiding PerditionIt's time to visit my favorite place that isn't in front of the TV: Craigslist. Let's see who's hiring:

Heroic Publishing in Long Beach, California is looking for an assistant for a couple of days each week.

A female model is needed for a superhero photo shoot "for a comic book project for class."

A live-action comic book movie needs an actor to play the villain. "Any stage fighting, martial arts, and certainly any acting background is preferential but not absolutely necessary."

1821 Comics in Los Angeles is on the hunt for interns. They're doing the Romeo And Juliet: The War graphic novel with Stan Lee.

A "Comic Book Group" based in New York is looking for the full run of comic book freelancers: pencillers, inkers, colorists, letterers.

Good luck, job seekers!

[Artwork: Abiding Perdition from 1821 Studios]

Comic Book Jobs: Random House, IGN and Blizzard

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Fairy TailLots of good jobs out there this week, for those interested in the manga, the MMOs and the internets. Let’s check ‘em out:

Random House is looking for a Production Manager who can “handle all aspects of production, pre-press, and manufacturing related to manga titles.” This means “estimating, schedule generation and adherence, working with various groups including editors, designers, and compositors, routing, maintaining production specifications in an enterprise system, and resolving quality issues as needed.”

You need at least 5 years experience in trade book production, and preferably some manga or comics experience. If you’re one of those DC people getting downsized, please note that Random House is in New York.

Blizzard Entertainment is looking for a Franchise Development Producer which sounds like one of the coolest jobs ever. You’ll be tasked with creating “brand-extending merchandise for the next-gen MMO franchise, including: “Books / Novels, Action figures, Comics, Short movies and Apparel.” Have you clicked the link yet?

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