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Google One Box? That’s Music to the Ears

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Rumors say that Google will soon make an announcement and unveil what is reportedly being called “One Box,” a brand-new facet of the popular search engine that will help users search for music.

If you’ve ever used Google Images, you already know how the new search is rumored to work. You’ll type in an artist’s name - , for instance - and be greeted with Web sites allowing you to listen to or buy the songs you’re seeking. Apple and iTunes are no doubt already sweating.

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Campaign for Drawing: Gerald Scarfe, Quentin Blake and Steve Bell

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BlakeEven though I’m not a big collector of original art, I love looking at it and the pieces that I own are very special to me—and they’re framed and mounted on the wall of my office. I love to thumb through originals when I go to Comic Con International. I like to feel the weight of the art board, see the underlying pencils and study how the ink line digs into the paper.

The Campaign For Drawing is a British organization that’s holding a silent auction. The campaign is devoted to creating a “new regard for the value of drawing to help people see, think, invent and take action. Its long-term ambition is to change the way drawing is perceived by educationalists and the public.” Their Big Draw Auction features original art by a couple dozen wonderful artists and cartoonists.

Over at the website, you’ll find some excellent pieces by artists Tony Husband, Steve Bell, David Roberts, Martin Rowson, Posey Simonds, Gerald Scarfe, Bill Stott, cartoonists from The Guardian and Private Eye, Ken Pyne, Lucinda Rogers, Robert Duncan, Rosey Brooks, Anthony Brown, Quentin Blake and lots more.

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Distraction-Free 3D Illustrator Rhonda is Open for Beta Testing

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Like DarkRoom or WriteRoom, which provide full-screen text-editors for writers, Rhonda offers something similar for 3D artists, with a minimalist environment and user-friendly interface. If you’re familiar with AutoDesk’s Sketchbook Pro take on no-frills 2-D illustration, you may want to check out Rhonda for working in 3D. Before you get too excited about creating the next Shrek in Rhonda, know that it just opened Beta testing and they are still working out the bugs and issues, etc.

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Interview: Pint Shot Riot

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Pint Shot Riot

Although the name Pint Shot Riot might not ring any bells for most Americans, EA is working on fixing this issue – pronto. Pint Shot Riot is a British Rock band that has had their fair amount of publicity on BBC Radio, BBC Band of the week and even made the UK Indie charts at #7. Their first single, “Punches Kicks Trenches And Swords,” had an appearance on The Sims 3, giving the band some international exposure. Pint Shot Riot currently holds a publishing deal with EA and their partner company, Artwerk, to license their songs to appear on games developed by EA. If you are big into EA games, get familiar with the name – you will be hearing it a lot more.

I had the opportunity to chat with Baby Dave, the bassist, and talk about the band history, video games and try to dig up any glorious dirt.

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Guitar Hero 5 - New Features, More Musicians

GH 3Activision has announced that Guitar Hero 5 will be available for the PS3, PS2, Xbox and Wii this fall. The new game has a set list of tunes from 85 different bands such as the Stones, Tom Petty, Kings of Leon and the White Stripes. The company says more than 25 musicians will make their debut in the game. Also new to the game are Party Play and RockFest modes, and Band Moments that gives the entire band a point boost for a good performance.

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Blyper Tracks New Artist Releases

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Blyper logoWant to keep track of your fave artists’ new releases? Blyper will do that for you. Sign up at the beta site, insert musicians’ names and they will e- you when each of them has a new single or CD. Decide how often you want to be notified, let your friends know who your picks are and find new artists from others with similar taste. The service is free with online registration.

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iTunes Prices Raised

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iTunes logoYou may have noticed by now the change of pricing on iTunes. As of Tuesday, Apple has begun to sell some of its most popular titles for $1.29 each. Others will be lowered to $.69 while some will remain at $.99. Recording companies decide the prices and Apple has also dropped DRM, so that others sans iPods can enjoy the downloads, as long as they support the company’s AAC encoding. It might pay to shop around though, as Amazon offers many of them for 79 and 89 cents.

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Poolga iPhone and touch Free Wallpaper

Tetsuya Toshima WallpaperPoolga offers free wallpapers for iPhone and iPod touch. There are over 100 artists to choose from worldwide. Designs run from modern to cutesy to merely weird, but all are definitely artistic, such as this one from Tetsuya Toshima. They upload new ones every couple of days so that you can change the look of your iPhone/iPod often. If you are an artist, they may consider adding you to their group.

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Learn to Draw the OVOLO Way #1

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Learn to Draw! Title-header
“You’re money and you don’t even know it.”

It’s the truth, you don’t even need to keep reading this article, because you can already draw comics. The problem: “you don’t know it,” and I’ll show you that you already know how to draw in 5 steps.

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Lego and Rubik’s Cube Artwork

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Cube Art Lego Machine

We remember going to Legoland a few years back and noticed that adults played with the blocks as much as the kidlets. (They are placed at the various restaurants in the park.) We are amazed at all of the genuine artists that continue to work with Legos and Rubik’s Cubes to make creations. Check out this collection that is incredibly impressive. Designs vary from the Rubik’s puzzle to Zach Clapsadle’s amazing LEGO Steam Machines.


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