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Comic Book Jobs: Pixar Animation

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Monsters, Inc.Are you a comic book artist who’s looking for a change from Batman/Spider-Man/Avengers and want to get into something new? Do you want something steadier in an industry that might be around for awhile? Try animation.

Pixar is the animation studio that has redefined it. Hits like Toy Story, The Incredibles, Cars, A Bug’s Life, Up, and more have made it the gold standard for cartoons. And if you can draw comic books, you might have a shot at working for their studio.

They’re looking for Story Artists “to portray the film story concepts in comic book form to guide subsequent film production.”

That sounds a lot like storyboarding, which is a lot like drawing comic book panels. You’ll be receiving “written and verbal descriptions of a sequence from the Director” and creating storyboards that “depict the action, camera placement, and acting of the characters in that sequence.”

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Batman Confidential #50: Jerry Bingham Returns

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Batman ConfidentialIf there’s one comic book I’m really looking forward to in November, it’s Batman Confidential #50. For starters, it’s the first of a 5-part story by writer Marc Guggenheim, the executive producer of the upcoming super-hero TV series No Ordinary Family. That would have me at the comic store anyway.

But what’s going to get me there on November 3 is that the art (and cover) is by my pal Jerry Bingham (artist on Batman: Son Of The Demon, one of the great graphic novels of all time). DC’s promo copy says Jerry’s drawing Batman “for the first time in more than 20 years,” and who am I to argue?

I’ve known Jerry for years – I’ve commissioned covers from him on comics I’ve edited and written. And he was a design-and-color consultant in the early days of the Ultraverse, so I got to hang with him nearly every day and watch him work. I can’t wait for this.

This 56-page issue stars “a younger, more maverick Batman as he faces a foe who had once tangled with the Justice League of America in the Orient!” The back-up JLA story ties in with Marc and Jerry’s lead.

I’m already in line.

[Artwork: Cover to Batman Confidential #50 by Jerry Bingham, © DC Entertainment]

Weekend Reading: Comic Con International, Tom Peyer, Ultraverse and Paul Cornell

Prime #4Comic Con International in San Diego is closer than you think. Years ago, I started compiling my own list of convention secrets starting with a great place to go to the bathroom that’s tucked away in a corner, just minutes from the convention floor, and no one seems to know about it. Then I read the list compiled by Tom Spurgeon at The Comics Reporter and I am ashamed of my own ineptitude. If you’re going to the con this summer, you need to read Tom’s list of 135 tips.

After you’ve finished reading Tom’s tips, here are a few other links to brighten your weekend…

Want To Be A Writer?: Of course you do. Who doesn’t? Step into any cocktail party or backyard barbecue and it’s full of people bursting with ideas, if only they can find someone who could take a few minutes to write it all down for them. The real trick is finding places that might be interested in publishing something once it’s all written down. If you feel like writing some stuff down, John Scalzi (the Hugo Award-winning sf author) and Wil Wheaton (yes, that Wil Wheaton) have joined forces to create a writing contest that’s win-win-win for all. Maybe even you.

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Walking Dead Artist Lends Talents to Romero

Posted by Robin Paulson Categories: Movies, Image Comics,

George Romero's Survival of the Dead

The Walking Dead writer Robert Kirkman may be lending his concentration to filming the television version of the hit comic book series, but artist Charlie Adlard is lending his talents to a great source of their inspiration: George Romero.

In a promotional poster for Romero’s latest film, Survival of the Dead, fans of the Image series should be quick to notice Adlard’s familiar artwork. That’s a whole lotta zombie goodness right there.

Check out the film when it hits theaters on May 28!

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Kate Moss Hires Banksy

Posted by Robin Paulson Categories: Celebrities, Models, Rumors,

Kate Moss by Banksy has commissioned Banksy to paint a mural in her mansion.

The supermodel - who recently splashed out on a top-of-the-range sauna and steam room for her $10.7 million north London home - is paying the British guerrilla artist $230,000 to create a custom-made “eclectic” painting of her on a wall inside her home.

“Kate is a big fan of Banksy and has several prints of his, plus a few originals, at her home. He has even done a portrait of Moss herself (picture to right). She explained exactly what she wanted and Banksy gave her a quote. It wasn’t cheap. Kate asked for an entire wall to be painted, showing Kate on the catwalk at all stages of her career - from a fresh-faced 16 year old to her last appearance earlier this year. It is pretty eclectic. Banksy has even been given a set of keys so he can let himself in,” a source said.

The 36-year-old catwalk beauty - who has asked for the painting to also feature a number of well known faces including her friends Sadie Frost, Naomi Campbell and - expects the artwork to increase the value of her home. The source added to the Daily Mirror, “Kate hopes the Banksy artwork, in addition to the work in her loft, will at least add $306,000 to the value of her house. She has thought all this through and hopes to make a considerable profit when she eventually sells up.”

Kanye West Sympathizes With McQueen

Kanye for Louis VuittonSelf-pronounced fashion icon says that he can sympathize with the late Alexander McQueen because they were both “tormented” by their need to be creative.

The “Gold Digger” hitmaker believes that the fashion designer - who died last month after committing suicide - felt he had proved himself with his fantastic creations and perhaps there was no need for him to be on this earth any more.

“I’m tormented by the need to create. With the loss of McQueen I feel like we lost one of the faces of modern creativity’s Mount Rushmore. There were times that the only thing that kept me on this earth was the need and responsibility to create. Maybe McQueen felt his job was done because his last collection was the greatest of the decade. We are all so hurt. I know we’re selfish because he brought us so much joy and inspiration.”

The hip-hop star admits he often experiences “night demons” and thinks McQueen suffered in the same way. Writing on his blog, he said, “I know how it feels when the night demons come. We can’t let them control our hands and feet. Sometimes when it hurts so bad we have to just lay in the bed. Just lay in bed and don’t move please, I know how it feels. I wish McQueen could have just been still. Don’t let the psychiatrists give you their drugs because it slows down your wings.”

McQueen, 40, was found hung in his wardrobe at his London home just days after the death of his beloved mother.

Quote of the Day: Lady Gaga Takes Styling Cues From Art

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Lady Gaga and her art-inspired outfits

“My Jean-Paul Goude [Matthew Williams was] the inspiration that made the connection for me between the art world and the fashion world. He used to say things like ‘If you want to make a shoulder pad, don’t research jackets—research sculpture, mineral rocks, paintings.’ He thinks in a different way; he is the designer of the future.”

- High fashion lover Lady Gaga on finding the styling link between art and fashion.

(Make sure to check out other notable quotes.)

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Annie Leibovitz, Damien Hirst Designing For Vuitton

Annie Leibovitz for Louis VuittonFamed photographer Annie Leibovitz is trying her hand at designing for Louis Vuitton.

Leibovitz has joined a host of other famous faces who are creating a new piece of luggage for the luxury brand to help raise money for Red Cross. Annie’s bag takes the form of a backpack lined in red, complete with several different pockets to make transporting camera equipment easier.

British artist Damien Hirst, famed for artworks that featured dead animals preserved in formaldehyde, has also created a piece—his is a big black trunk featuring drawers to store the surgical equipment he uses for his artworks.

Louis Vuitton creative director Marc Jacobs has also got in on the action, creating a trunk to put his dogs in so they can fly with him on planes. The specially-created items will be sold at London’s Sotheby’s auction house on November 17.

The sale is to mark 150 years of the Red Cross, a charity which aims to help people worldwide without discrimination.

Guillory Tweets First Look at Chew #4

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Rob Guillory's Twitter pictureLike everyone else and their five year-old sister, I have become addicted to Twitter. Unlike deleterious addictions (i.e. following P. Diddy), however, I receive first-hand news from my favorite comic book artists, including a look at the Chew #4 cover!

Rob Guillory, one-half of the creative force behind Image’s sold out comic, divulges the daily progression (and news!) of the darkly humorous detective story without the slightest indication of just how much he fuels nerdish excitement (mine definitely included) all around. Coming from someone who foolishly followed Jhonen Vasquez’s pretentious and irksome tweets back in the day, I am overwhelmingly thrilled to see artists like Guillory and Fabio Moon tweeting.

Now, onto the Chew #4 cover…

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Poolga iPhone and touch Free Wallpaper

Tetsuya Toshima WallpaperPoolga offers free wallpapers for iPhone and iPod touch. There are over 100 artists to choose from worldwide. Designs run from modern to cutesy to merely weird, but all are definitely artistic, such as this one from Tetsuya Toshima. They upload new ones every couple of days so that you can change the look of your iPhone/iPod often. If you are an artist, they may consider adding you to their group.

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