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Presidents and Prime Time: Don’t They Mix?

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President George W. BushDespite big banner headlines and lots of flag-waving pictures, the must-touted visit from President to NBC’s Deal or No Deal didn’t help ratings. In fact, the show met it’s lowest ratings ever for a Monday broadcast despite the promise of the Commander-in-Chief.

Bush offered a taped message for an Iraq War veteran (Captain Joseph Kobes, U.S. Army) on the episode, though only 10 million viewers actually saw the footage. The presidential vote of confidence didn’t help Kobes win the million - in the end, the solider was stuck with a lowly $26,000 which was in turn tripled to $78,000 thanks to the Deal Wheel.

“I’m thrilled to be on with you tonight,” President Bush told his audience. “Come to think of it, I’m thrilled to be anywhere with high ratings these days.” Joke’s on you, Mr. President. Next time, try an appearance on Gossip Girl - that show is getting much better press.

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UFO May Really Be Army Drone

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British drone makers from the GFS Projects, who have been given a research contract from the U.S. Army, will be flying (literally) back across the pond to partake in the Grand Challenge in August. They will be entering one of their 31-inch diameter saucers which they feel, according to the competition rules, is an “autonomous or semi autonomous system designed to detect, identify, monitor and report the position of a wide range of threats within a complex military urban environment, including within individual buildings.”

So if you think you espied a UFO kicking around the planet sometime, you may be seeing the real thing.

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Army Creates TPO To Develop War Games

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Quake IIWe remember mentioning that instead of Korea limiting its gamers, they should have used their skills to assist their country. It looks like the U.S. Army paid attention. While it already allows Doom II and other shooters to be used in training, it has now created the (TRADOC) Project Office for Gaming, or TPO Gaming, that will add more modern visuals.

Col. Jack Miller, the service’s director claims, “I haven’t seen a game built for the entertainment industry that fills a training gap.” 

We think that’s a great excuse to create and play games at taxpayer’s expense. Go Army!

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