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Acer tablet to use AMD C-50 APU

Posted by John Kilhefner Categories: Handhelds, PC / Laptop,

Acer Android Tablet

Acer let us know earlier that its new 10.1-inch Windows 7 tablet is going to use AMD, but left us hanging as far as exact specifications go. Now, from the looks of a new DigiTimes article, it’s looking like Acer’s tablet is going to use AMD’s dual-core C-50 Ontario APU (accelerated processing unit). This APU exploits a built-in Radeon HD 6250 graphics chip and uses 9W of power. Furthermore, the tablet is reportedly sporting Tegra 2, WiFi, and 3G capabilities. Of course, none of this is officially confirmed, so stay keep your eye on the blogs.  

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STR8 H8: Shawn Chacon Needs To Check Himself!

Posted by Dennis Velasco Categories: Athletes, MLB,

Shawn Chacon, Number One?  For Real?

So, it seems that Shawn Chacon, he the owner of a lifetime 4.98 ERA and 43-58 W-L record thinks he’s just THAT DAMN GOOD!  To be honest, I researched his statistics and was impressed with the 35 saves he notched with the Colorado Rockies in 2004, but then saw his ERA (7.11) that reminded me of Slurpees and Indian men named Apu and instantly lost that loving feeling.  Whoa… whoa.  In any case, Chacon has put aside the reality of his statistics and has chosen to wear the number ONE on the back of his Houston Astros jersey.  Bwhahahaha!  So, exactly what are you saying, Mr. Chacon… hmmm?

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