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Watch the full Apple CEO Tim Cook D10 interview now

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Tim Cook D10 interview video

Tim Cook is set to take the stage for the WWDC 2012 keynote to reveal iOS 6, Mountain Lion, new Macs, and possibly more. Apple will surely make the video available later today for all, but if you want some hints as to what he'll be talking about this morning, check out his interview from the D10 conference. Tim talked with Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher for over an hour about Apple products and strategies, and leaves some interesting hints by what he says--and what he doesn't say. Full video after the break.

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5 things Tim Cook must do to replace Steve Jobs as Apple CEO

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Tim Cook Apple CEOIn 2009, Apple chief executive Steve Jobs stepped down unexpectedly – for the first time.

Now, Tim Cook, Apple's new chief executive, is in the same place as he was before, being asked to lead a company that's associated, in many minds, with Jobs himself.

In 2009, I asked Marshall Goldsmith, the author of What Got You Here Won't Get You There, and 23 other books, and a columnist for the Harvard Business Publishing Web site what he thought Cook should do. Below are excerpts from that conversation.

Let's talk about Tim Cook. What sort of problems does he face, taking over for an iconic CEO like Jobs?

Big problems. Its not any fault of his. His problems are not that something's wrong with him. His problems are that he's replacing an icon. I was at UCLA when John Wooden was the basketball coach. The next coach was Gene Bartow, who got fired for winning 90 percent plus of his games. He wasn't John Wooden. It's incredibly difficult to replace someone who has seen as an icon.

The only thing I don't think people don't understand about good leaders is that they're both good and lucky. A lot of it is timing. If Jack Welch was still the CEO of General Electric, he wouldn't nearly be the icon he is today. The timing was good. General Electric's stock would have tanked whether he left or if he had stayed. But he happened to leave at the right time and so he came off as an iconic, do no wrong figure. But he was lucky. I'm sure he was a great CEO, but the thing is you can be a great CEO and the corporate results can tank.

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Here’s why Steve Jobs chose now to resign

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Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is no longer CEO of Apple. We all knew we'd hear those words someday, but today they've become startlingly, suddenly real. Jobs abruptly resigned from his post at around 6:30 p.m. Eastern Time, taking the tech world—check that, the world—by surprise. Among the host of initial questions is, Why now?

I don't mean the reasoning behind the exact time, which is obvious. By making the announcement in the early evening after the markets had closed, Jobs was careful not to hit a jittery Wall Street with his bombshell. And I don't mean the end of August—though for the record all signs are pointing to the next Apple event happening in mid September at the earliest, so the announcement neatly avoids overshadowing other Apple business.

There's certainly the medical reason, which no doubt factors highly. Jobs was on medical leave, after all, most likely due to complications from the pancreatic cancer he beat a few years ago. But tellingly, Jobs isn't resigning to play golf or spend all his time with his family. He's been appointed chairman of Apple's board, and continue to be involved. His condition is certainly at the heart his decision, but given that he's clearly not on his deathbed, he could have probably waited months to make this move, if not until 2012.

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Steve Jobs has resigned as CEO of Apple

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Steve Jobs Resigns

Steve Jobs has resigned from his role as CEO of Apple. In a major bombshell, Jobs drafted a letter to the Board of Directors (which we have posted after the break) explaining that the time has come where he is no longer able to meet his duties and expectations as Apple CEO. It's truly the end of an era, as many see Apple and Steve Jobs as an inseparable pair. However, recent health problems have led to Jobs taking a few leaves of absence, most recently this past January. Many speculated that he wouldn't return from this latest leave, and now it has come true.

Steve Jobs has recommended that Tim Cook, who has been acting as CEO in his absence, be named as his permanent successor. Steve would like to act as Chairman of the Board, director, and Apple employee.

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