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Pink Spends 5k Saving Puppy’s Life

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Music, Kind Acts,

PinkPink has forked out $5,000 to save a puppy's life. The "Raise Your Glass" hitmaker - who has a six-month-old daughter Willow with her husband Carey Hart - splashed out on emergency life-saving surgery for the mystery pooch which had been left for dead after being thrown in a Los Angeles river.

According to TMZ.com, sources revealed the puppy had suffered three broken legs as a result of the incident, but Pink got in contact with the Ace of Hearts animal rescue organization and offered to pay for the canine's medical expenses after reading about it on the internet. The dog's operation was successful and it has now been adopted by a loving family.

Meanwhile, Pink has fully embraced the Christmas spirit and admits she has been much more successful buying presents for her friends and family this year compared to 2010. "I hope every1 out there gets a big hug and feels super duper special at least 3 x this holiday. even if it's from a stranger. hugs r healthy when i am having a good year for xmas presents, no one can touch me! and this year i was inspired!!!! last year i sucked. (sic)" she wrote on her Twitter.

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Katherine Heigl Donates $1 Million to Animals

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Movies, Charity, Kind Acts,

Katherine Heigl and her dog has donated $1 million to help animals in Los Angeles.

The Killers actress has pledged the enormous sum to the city as part of a new initiative to get animals spayed and neutered in honor of her late brother Jason Heigl - who died in a car accident in 1986 when he was a high school student.

“I said to my mother, ‘I think it’s a really grace-filled way to honor him.’ My mother began the foundation in his name as a way of creating a legacy for this child of hers that didn’t live long enough to do that himself and he also happened to be a real advocate for animals and children and the repressed so it works out beautifully. It’ll never change how this day feels to us come September 23 every year. It has a significance now, of beauty, a grace to it, that we are grateful for.”

The Jason Debus Heigl Foundation aims to stop the pet population crisis in the area with neutering schemes, but also through its support of training and obedience programs, rescue organisations, ‘no kill shelters,’ pet adoption schemes and programs which help move homeless animals away from shelters which intend to put them down.

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Romeo Tweets for Animal Rescue

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RomeoRomeo, a white and ginger cat, has its own Twitter following. In less than three months, he has managed to gather more than $5,000.00 in funds for animal rescue groups. Caroline Golon created the account for her 5 year-old Persian, who is himself a rescue cat. He had hearing issues and had to go through several surgeries, resulting in one limp ear. Still, we are glad to hear that Twitter can be used this way and that two national companies not only back him but contribute to the causes he purrs

tweets about.

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