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Items Du Jour: Anja Rubik Gets Engaged, Lady Gaga Makes Unicorns Sexy

Anja Rubik for Fendi-- Victoria Beckham covers February's issue of Vogue UK looking rather bare-faced and less glamorous than usual. Marking her sixth solo Vogue cover, the singer-turned-fashion designer talks about her style's evolution and -- more importantly -- what it's like to wake up next to David Beckham.

-- Hilary Swank is one Oscar-winning actress who actually is down-to-earth: the woman loves a good bargain, and isn't ashamed of -- gasp -- clipping coupons. If only she had shopping secrets to scoring designer labels...

-- Anja Rubik stars in her third consecutive Fendi campaign, shot (of course) by Karl Lagerfeld.

-- Speaking of Anja, the model's agency recently announced her Christmas engagement to fellow model Sasha Knezevic. As if there aren't enough super hot couples to be jealous of.

-- Lady Gaga treated her monsters to a nice holiday surprise with details of her upcoming album. More importantly, she posted a preview of the album art, which features her rocking a unicorn-blazoned jean jacket that reads, "Born This Way." Oh, and she has completely ditched pants -- literally.

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Got Talent? Susan Boyle’s Searching for Singers

“When I did Britain’s Got Talent, I was given a chance by Simon Cowell to show what I could do.” These are the words of , who is now extending an opportunity to one lucky wannabe.

Boyle has orchestrated Susan’s Search, a new singing competition which will give one vocalist a shot at getting into the recording industry. “Susan’s Search is about giving other people an opportunity. It’s about letting them live the dream that they have always wanted to do,” she explained.

Enter the contest by singing “Silent Night” to Boyle’s . The winning singer will record a duet with Boyle on her upcoming album.

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Growing Up, Music Inspires Miley Cyrus Wardrobe

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Can't Be Tamed album cover

Provocative dresser ’ style is influenced by music she finds inspirational.

The 17-year-old singer-and-actress has caused controversy in recent months with her raunchy stage outfits, her music video for “Can’t Be Tamed” and her cover for the album of the same name but her stylist insists it’s just a “natural progression.”

“Miley’s style is a natural progression of her growing up and being influenced by the music that inspires her. The album cover was basically a strong statement saying in the most simple way, that she can’t be tamed - literally and metaphorically,” said Simone Harouche.

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Lady Gaga Celebrates Hello Kitty’s Birthday in Style

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Lady Gaga dons the iconic red bow

In celebration of Hello Kitty’s 35th birthday, the always-stylish Lady Gaga starred in a very eccentric photo shoot for the famous cat. True to nature, Gaga is pantsless in the images!

Photographed by Markus Klinko and Indrani, Gaga emulates Marilyn Monroe in one photo (seen after the jump) and dons a gown comprised of stuffed Hello Kitty toys atop a majestic throne in another. Fans of the iconic feline and/or the fashionable singer can get their paws on the photos when they appear in a reissue of Gaga’s album The Fame.

As anyone can attest to my Hello Kitty infatuation, even I find the photos fairly creepy (creative nonetheless!).

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Was Adam Lambert Ineligible for American Idol?

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Adam Lambert

Hi Fi records is planning to release an album full of ’s songs that were recorded before he was ever on reality TV…but, there are several problems with the whole thing. It all started when Hi Fi made their intentions known. Lambert then responded, via the press, that these are not actually his songs but mere studio recordings which no longer reflect where he is musically - he contents they were meant to be demos for other singers.

The record company responded with a memo that suggests Lambert had a hand in writing most of the songs. Lambert promptly changed his tune (pun intended) at this point, saying the demos were indeed his…but, he doesn’t want them to be released.

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Idol’s Allison Iraheta Signed

Allison Iraheta

, the girl who rocked American Idol’s eighth season, has been signed by 19 Recordings. Her debut album is expected to be released sometime this fall.

“I think I’m still in shock that this is happening,” she said in a recent statement. “Getting to record my first album and this whole awesome experience is a dream come true!”

Iraheta finished in fourth place on the show, followed by Danny Gokey, Adam Lambert and Kris Allen (in that order). Allen and Lambert have both also inked recording contracts, but as of right now there’s nothing new to report on Gokey’s musical career.

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muveeMix Upgrades to shwup

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shwupmuveeMix is upgrading to shwup. In addition to making videos, you will be able to upload photos and videos in your own album for friends and family and create slide shows. In return, they can do the same. More upload capacity, new styles and music tracks have been added, and you can put your creations on Facebook or other social networking sites. If you have not yet signed up, it is free and a fun way to become a novice muvee maker.

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American Idol’s Fantasia Barrino Aims High

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Fantasia, 24, won the third season of American Idol…but now, she’s going after an even bigger goal: a high school education.

“I’ve been talking about it for so long,” she said in a recent interview. Barrino dropped out of school in the ninth grade. “It’s something that I really need to do and that I want to do.”

The singer made headlines recently when she experienced financial trouble. But, Fantasia says she’s doing much better these days. “I had to sit back for awhile and had to get some things settled,” she explained.

Fantasia will be working on releasing an album (her third) as well as her education this year, and could potentially be starring on another reality show in short order. Lately, her production company has been searching for a network willing to take on a Fantasia-oriented series.

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No Suckiness Here: Kelly Clarkson Offers Preview of New Single

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Kelly Clarkson’s “My Life Would Suck Without You,” the first single on her upcoming album, can now be previewed through Amazon.com. Upon hearing the track, it’s possible to forget all the troubles that so recently plagued Kelly. It’s possible to believe she’ll be back on top of the music world soon.

’s first winner quickly became a pop princess and viable hit maker. Her first album, Thankful, debuted at number one on the Billboard chart. Her next project, the Grammy-winning album Breakaway, showed that Clarkson could offer some edge with her music, as well. In 2006, it looked like Kelly Clarkson’s success was unstoppable.

But while working on her third album My December, Clarkson suffered a public split with her management company and had reported troubles with her label. She canceled a summer tour and suffered a few negative headlines, but Clarkson started to pull through. The album became a success, and now Kelly’s all set to release more scintillating singles for her listeners.

Go ahead and treat your ears to the not-so-sucky preview, but you’ll have to wait until March before the rest of Clarkson’s album becomes available.

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Kara DioGuardi Wants to Meet a Former Idol

Kara DioGuardi Though newcomer Kara DioGuardi has a whole lot of new reality TV responsibilities, she’s still a songwriter at heart. The judge recently made a public appeal to one former Idol who obviously caught her ear.

During a Thursday conference, the judge issued a plea to rocker . “Please call me,” she asked, saying she’d like to co-write a song with him. DioGuardi has worked with other ex-Idols in the past, but she’s never had the chance to rock with Grammy-nominated Daughtry.

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