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FOFA, For the Person Who Has Everything and Loses It

FOFAWe once had a remote control that would chirp when it was lost, but its batteries ran down and it took about 2 weeks to find it. We had one of those beepers that would help us find our car, but it set off at least 3 car alarms. Now Australia’s Melbourne Design has designed Find One, Find All which utilizes RFID technology to find up to six different devices up to 30 feet away. If you have one of the six on you, you can discover the other five with a loud beep and flashing LED.  A set of two finders goes for $24.95 (CR2032 coin cell batteries included,) with Wallet and flat Remote finders for an additional $12.47 each. The best part? No embarassing clapping is involved.

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USB Clock Wakes Up With Music

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USB Alarm ClockThanko has designed a clock that will allow you to wake up to music, your cat purring, the ocean, or any other soothing sound you desire. The USB Retro Alarm MP3Clock can be customized by connecting it to your PC. It is compatible with Windows 2000/XP, can hold up to 50 seconds of WAV/MP3, and uses 3 AAA batteries for up to a year of use. We are considering making it a gift for our kids and preprogramming it so that we won’t have to scream personally to get the recipients to wake up. The timepiece is available at AudioCubes for $39.99.

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The Mini Castle Earlarm: A Personal Alarm for Your Ears Only

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Mini Castle Earlarm

We’re not sure if this gadget is going to catch on, but we found it fascinating nonetheless. It’s the Mini Castle Earlarm, a personal, tiny timer you wear in your ear. Use it to remind you when the muffins come out the oven, to wake you when you’re nodding off

at work

on the subway or while studying for exams, to alert you to take your medication, and we’re sure there are myriad other uses. The coolest thing is that the Mini Castle’s alarm doesn’t disturb others—just you. We’re just wondering how well the Mini Castle stays in the ear, as not all ears are shaped alike. Available now for $15 USD.

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Pen Holder Clock Is Flashy

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Rainbow Pen Holder Clock We dig the sparkle of this color-changing USB Rainbow Pen Holder Clock. At a size of 110 x 73 x 76 mm, the clock features 4 different flashing modes and includes an LCD alarm with calendar, which displays date, month, day, and time in a 12/24 format. It also works as a stopwatch and can be powered by its USB or 3 AAA batteries (not included.) Add to that the affordable price of $15.00 and a BeeGee tune and you and your cronies at work can have a quickie disco party during your lunch hour.

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Sonos System Software 2.0 Connects Rhapsody Without PC

sonos2.2Sonos, Inc. has updated its service and released its system software version 2.0. Teamed up with RealNetworks’ Rhapsody web service, the new version enables a direct link with millions of songs from all genres and thousands of radio stations without the need of an installed application or computer.

Sonos allows you this access by means of their wireless controller - see our Sonos review on The Bleeding Edge. Simply plug and play the controller in any of up to 32 rooms in your home or office, and you get tunes with the aid of a 3.5-inch color LCD screen, scroll wheel, and a button. Choose the same music for each room, or have blues in the bedroom and classical in the bathroom. You can even download music that has been taking up all that valuable space on your PC.

The controller permits you to pick your fave artist and Rhapsody can build your very own commercial-free radio station that will include other artists from the same music genre. Select from their top 100 song charts or be your own jock. This 2.0 upgrade allows you to update daily with audible content or podcasts or choose a randomized shuffle mode. Also featured is improved multinational Internet radio and alarm functionality, as well as French, Italian, and Spanish language support.

Sonos is available at a whopping price of $999.99, but think of it as a way of getting rid of obnoxious DJ’s, endless commercials, and hunting in vain for that track that got lost somewhere in the bowels of your PC. Can musical life get any better? Sure it can. Rhapsody is offering a 30-day free trial of its service with your new Sonos.

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Update: If you think the SLEEPTRACKER watch is cool, check out our video of the SLEEPPHASE Alarm Clock!

A few weeks ago we told you about a product called SLEEPTRACKER. The SLEEPTRACKER watch is unique in that while it tells you the time and has a built-in alarm like every other digital watch, this one actually monitors your sleep and wakes you at the moment that your body would best adjust from moving from a sleeping state to being awake. Does it live up to the hype? Find out after the jump.


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