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Laser Target Alarm Clock

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Target Alarm ClockWhen you feel like you want to take potshots at your alarm in the morning, now you can do just that with the Laser Target Alarm Clock. When it goes off, you shoot the laser directly into the target to turn it off for the next 24 hours, unless you change its time or manually deactivate the thing. We figure by the time you aim and go bang, you will certainly be awake. The clock takes 3 AAA batteries and the laser 3 LR44 (not included) at a price of $19.99.

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iHome iP99BR iPhone Clock Radio

iHome Clock Radio

The iHome iP99BR claims itself to be the first iPhone clock radio that will also dock, charge, and play tunes. The device is also compatible with iPods and features a buzzer alarm, AM/FM presets, snooze, and 3D stereo sound with Reson8 speakers. It also has a customizable playlist ability, a DST switch, an LCD display with dimmer, and comes with a remote. iHome says that it has been designed to shield TDMA noise which makes it even more desirable. Expect the iP99 to make its June 1 debut with an MSRP of $149.99.


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1920s Style Spirit Clock CD Radio

Spirit Clock CD RadioThe 1920 Style Spirit may look retro but is as modern as it gets. The device is a 4-hand analog clock with alarm, AM/FM radio, and a full feature CD player with programmable memory. Encased in wood, it has a metal handle, steel toggle switches, and a backlit dial. At a size of 5 x 11.5 x 6.25-inches, it puts out 0.8W per channel and carries a MSRP of £129.95 (~$257.00.) A Clock Radio version is also available for £99.95 (~$198.00.)


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LawnBott Recovers its Tracks

LawnBott 3500Last May, we introduced you to the LawnBott, and it seems that KA Home Robotics is doing well, thank you very much. So well that they have introduced their new LB3500. The device can be programmed via Bluetooth through a compatible cell phone or PDA. Include days and hours and, at the end of its cycle, the Bott will return with its two lithium-ion batteries to its charging station. The 3500 features a higher sensitivity, a blade stop sensor, an on-board alarm, and a 360º bumper shell. Prices range from $3,249.00 to $4,279.00, depending on options.

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Watch Doubles as Remote

Remote WatchNever worry about a lost remote again. Next time you are thinking that you need to replace your watch, you might consider the SL-2020 TV Remote Control Watch. The timepiece displays time in a 12/24 hour format with alarm, is a 1/1000 stopwatch, keeps track of all time zones, and can control hundreds of different TVs, VCRs, and DVD players. Water resistant, it works up to a distance of 3 to 5 meters, with the puny price of $12.50.

(Thanks, Cassily)

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Foma Targeted for Kids

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FOMA F801Foma Transmitter

NTT DoCoMo has launched the FOMA F801, a kid-friendly 3G handset. Ergonomically designed small hands, it is ruggedly made and waterproof at a one meter depth for up to 30 minutes. It also features a 100-decibel kidnap warning with 2 different tones, LED lighting, and an accompanying wrist transmitter that sends out an alarm if the phone is too far away.

With a subscription to the i-mode location service, messages can be sent to 3 pre-selected numbers by computer generated calls. The child can also push a preset number on the side. Best of all, if the the device is turned off for 5 minutes, it will automatically preset and the location noted and sent to a registered DoCoMo phone.


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MultiBook Keeps Your Gadgets In One Tidy Space

MultiBookMultiBook is designed to be a personal toolkit that can light your desk, keep time, day and date, and recharge your cell phone and MP3 player. It features a 3-way multi-socket and container for keeping cords free. The cover features an illuminated label for personal details and its sides contain 74 LEDs for diffused lighting. At a size of 34.1 x 14.6 x 20.5-inches, it comes in black, white, red, or blue for €152.25 ($221.58.) While we don’t see anything particularly outstanding about the Multibook for the price, it would make for a decent night light and glorified gadget box for keeping all your electronic toys together when you travel.

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TDK iSlim is Multi-Functional

TDK iSlim

TDK’s latest speaker system is multi-functional and looks stylish as well. Featuring two 2.5 W flat panel speakers with NXT technology and Blue LCD display, the iSlim comes with an iPod dock with adapters, clock, alarm and FM radio. There is a AUX input for other audio players, a video-out jack, a one button equalizer, and menu and select keys. A remote and antenna are also part of the deal. For $149.00, we definitely prefer this to the Jukebox/Dock as a holiday gift, hint, hint.

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Eliminate Learning a Second Language

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Verbal Translator

It’s about time somebody thought this would be a good idea. Nyrius’ Verbal Translator speaks and displays languages including French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Swedish, Portuguese, Dutch,Turkish, and English. It also has 8 conversational categories with full phrases, and alarm, phone book, world time display, and headphone jack so no one has to know that you are not bi-lingual. Made of plastic, and at a size of 4 x 21 x 1-inches, its MSRP is $69.98.


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Don’t Carry This Clock When Traveling

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Hand Grenade ClockThis week, a hand grenade made its way to the Canadian border. Another one, which turned out to be a toy, was discovered at the McNamara Terminal at Detroit’s Metro Airport. Now you can join the group with the Hand Grenade Alarm Clock. Made of PVC, this clock has to be thrown to turn itself off. This is a perfect gift for those who want to vent their anger when disturbed first thing in the a.m. It’s available at CScout for $39.00.

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