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Sharp and LU Find Bird Flu Deterrent

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DescriptionSharp Electronics has paired up with London University biologist John Oxford to bring us all H5N1, a defense against the dreaded bird flu. When certain positive and negative ions are released at the same time, the cells combine and become free radicals, thereby disabling the micro-organisms. Originally the plastamacluster was developed for purifying in air conditioners, but it proved to remove an incredible 99% during lab testing.

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Kuchofuku’s Air Conditioned Bed

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Air Conditioned Bed

If the hot summer weather leaves you tossin’ and turnin’ during the night, we’ve got something for you. Kuchofuku’s Air Conditioned Bed weighs only 5.3 pounds, is portable, and keeps you cool at night, using dual fans to circulate cool air beneath the cushion (so it’s not truly “air conditioned”, but we’ll let it go). Granted, you could just turn up your window AC, but if you don’t own one or you like your air conditioning a little more personalized, this is something to consider, assuming you have $400 USD to spare - otherwise, just pick up the much less expensive Chillow.

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SolCool Millennia: A Solar-Powered Air Conditioner

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SolCool One MillenniaWith all the emphasis lately on “going green” and energy-efficiency, we love this forward-thinking company and it’s new air conditioner. It’s the Millennia version 4 from SolCool One, a “hybrid” air conditioner that can cool a large room using solar panels, a wall socket, or even batteries for when the sun takes a vacation day. Because the system utilizes a maximum of 500 watts, the Millennia significantly lowers your electric bill—regardless of the power source (the batteries can run the device up to 24 hours). In addition, the Millennia can also heat up a room, purify water and even run other appliances. It is foreseen that if solar-powered air conditioners catch on in homes and buildings, the risk of blackouts in the summertime would be greatly reduced. The SolCool Millennia version 4 will be available in Mid-April for between $2000 and $3000 USD, plus installation, with benefits that far outweigh the costs.

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