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NEC Plasma Screen Knows Too Much

GAP DisplayNext time you head to Japan, you may just see evidence of Big Brother. NEC has been working on a plasma display screen that houses a camera. It can identify a person’s age and sex for specific ads. You hold up your cellphone to the 50-inch display and a QR code with URL will send you additional product information. Since we think this is a little too much information for us, we would rather do our shopping in the privacy of our own computer. Yeah, like that’s safe.

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CES 2008 Video: Westinghouse Digital Signage In a Box

Have a small business?  Got signs and televisions in your retail space?  Westinghouse wants to give you the best of both worlds with their DSB - Digital Signage in a Box.  The Linux-based system integrates digital signage with television, allowing small business owners to promote and entertain at the same time.

The display is optimized to show signage that is fully customizable using only a keyboard and mouse plugged into the unit - no computer required.  The ads can be programmed on a timeline of the user’s choosing and can be placed anywhere on the screen to optimize their impact.

Westinghouse will be releasing the DSB in the second quarter of this year, at a price point that is yet to be determined.

Bleeding Edge TV 155: Andru Edwards, Chris Pirillo, Robert Scoble, Steve Broback on Blog Marketing

We take a break from gadgets in this episode, as we present an impromptu roundtable discussion between some of the major players in the blogging space, focusing on marketing and what major companies need to do to start engaging today’s consumer. With the way information is consumed these days, along with the way our generation consumes media, companies need to approach marketing a bit differently. This video features Andru Edwards, Robert Scoble, Chris Pirillo, and Steve Broback discussing these topics in two parts - first, I talk with Scoble, Pirillo, and Broback one-on-one, and then we bring you the full roundtable.

A big thank you to Chris Aarons of AMD for asking us about this topic, which is what motivated us to get some of our friends together for this dialogue.

First Japanese Wii TV Commercial

Posted by Christopher Sasaki Categories: Culture, Nintendo, Wii

Nintendo of Japan has started airing the first Wii commercial, and it is a little abstract to say the least. Nintendo is probably intending this to act as a teaser for the upcoming release of the Wii. A loose translation of the commercial would be:

What is this?
This is a new remote.
The Nintendo Wii Remote.

One would expect the US advertising to be different than those in Japan, but since this is clearly just the beginning of a larger advertising campaign, it is hard to tell where Nintendo of Japan is going to go with these ads.

Google vs. Federated Media vs. MSN AdCenter

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Advertising

Just came across a pretty interesting and entertaining look at three advertising channels that one can use to monetize their websites, including a look at demographics and such. For example, this look at Federated Media and MSN AdCenter:

MSN Advertising says MSN Tech & Gadgets (MSN and partner content) is “the place to reach technology users”:

Gender: 70% male, 30% female
Age: 69% are 25-54
Income: 61% have household income $50K+, 41% have household income $75K+
Education: 50% college graduates or higher
Occupation: 42% are professional/managerial

Federated Media says its sites “cater to cultural influencers, technology decision makers, early adopters…”:

Gender: 79% male
Average Age: 32.7
Income: Average household income range $50,000-$74,999
Occupation: 50% management, 20% Director or above

It should be noted that Federated Media is a closed advertising network, but the benefit there is that if you fit into their network, you stand to see a nice increase in revenue.

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