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Kanye West Jealous of Pharrell Williams

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Kanye West and Pharrell WilliamsKanye West is reportedly jealous of Pharrell Williams.

The "Blood On The Leaves" rapper is said to be keeping a close eye on the "Happy" hitmaker after reports he is close to signing a deal with Adidas, the same sportswear brand that Kanye has been commissioned to design a clothing range for.

"They are competitive in both music and fashion, Kanye always watches what Pharrell does. He thinks having a similar artist working on their own brand for Adidas will make his collection less special," a source said.

Kanye signed a deal with Adidas in December last year after a spat with the Nike - over royalties for his exclusive collection of Air Yeezy sneakers - which resulted in the end of his business relationship with the sportswear brand.


Stella McCartney Opens First Adidas Store

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Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney opened her first ever standalone Adidas by Stella McCartney store over the weekend.

The designer - who has created the Adidas kit for the Great Britain team to wear during the London Olympics this summer - chose South Kensington's Brompton Cross in London as its location, which is also home to the her mainline and childrenswear shop: "This store is a real celebration of what we have been building for the last eight years together with Adidas and hopefully it is going to be the home for women to go to and find everything they need for their sports - and at the same time not having in any way to sacrifice their style. It's very much part of the world of the Stella McCartney store that we have opened in Brompton Cross, and it's really the icing on the cake, as far as it is expressing the different facets of the brand."

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Stella McCartney Nervous About Designing for Men

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Stella McCartneyStella McCartney was nervous about designing for men for Team GB's Olympics kit.

Stella has been tasked with creating the Adidas sportswear for the British team for the London 2012 Olympics and the womenswear designer admitted she worried about how to create a strong, masculine look for the male athletes.

"It's the first time I've really designed for men and I've been really cautious of keeping them feeling masculine; feeling strong; feeling like they're really representing the nation."

Stella was also determined to make sure the female athletes didn't feel left out and she wanted to incorporate "feminine elements" into the kit: "In the history of these events, it's all been very masculine and the girls have been slightly overlooked in the design process. They get the exact same strip as the guys and it's been important to me to bring in the feminine elements. This is not about me. This is about the athletes and Team GB. I didn't want to put a big fashion statement on it."

Stella McCartney Inspired by Union Jack

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Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney changed the colors of the Union Jack for Team Great Britain's Olympics kit to ensure the athletes feel "identifiable."

The fashion designer wanted to respect the symbol's "beauty" while using it as the main focus on the Adidas sportswear for the London 2012 Olympics, but she amended the color scheme to avoid making the sign feel "overused" in the lead up to the spectacle: "I was also aware of the fact that it's something that might be overused in the build-up to the Olympics, in taxis, on cushions and mugs, so I wanted to do something different with it - but that was still respectful of its beauty. Actually, the colors of the Union Jack are similar to a lot of other flags and the athletes really wanted to feel identifiable as Team GB, so I just used different colors to say the same thing."

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Fun Designer Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney wants women to have fun when wearing her clothes.

The designer says she has always been inspired by the female body and constantly has them in made when creating her outfits, because she is keen for ladies to look stylish without feeling restricted.

“Women are always my inspiration. This season, it specifically refining the silhouette. Most women have a very controlled, restrained part of their personality but we also want to have fun, feel youthful and sensual - it was really about the balance between the two.”

As well as her more formal clothes, Stella also has her own range for Adidas and she is keen for women to look and feel good when they work out: “I want to offer women something they can work out in and also feel good in. I don’t want to be ashamed of what I’m wearing to the gym because it’s ‘women’s gear’ and not as cutting edge technically as men’s, but equally I want to feel stylish.”

miCoach Helps to Keep You Fit

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Talk about combining pleasure with guilt. The Samsung Adidas miCoach features stereo FM, an MP3 player, a 2-inch 262,000 TFT display with a 240 x 320 pixel resolution, a 2 megapixel camera, a sliding keypad, GPS ability, E-mail and Internet connectivity, and all the usual cell phone bells and whistles. In addition, it has built-in step and pulse meters as well as training tips and time updates. It will come out in Germany and other parts of Europe in mid March. Available in 7 colors and 2 models, we could see this being particularly helpful during the next gorging holiday season.

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