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Apple shipping iPhone USB power adapter in huge box

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iphone USB adapter large box has had a a mind for all things “green” as stated in their past two keynotes.  A few weeks back, Apple recalled the power adapters because the prongs were breaking off into the wall socket, which could cause an obvious jolt of unpleasant experiences.  Apple offered two ways to replace the USB adapter, by mail or by going to their stores. The people who chose to have it sent by mail have been surpised to find that the new, greener Apple has shipped the small adapter in a box that about 100 times its size.  I am sure Apple will take notice and do something about it, but it seems all the eggs are not in the basket when it comes to their “green initiative.”  This just proves that going “green” takes time, and within a large company such as Apple it will continue to take months—or years—for them to achieve their goals.  If you have an iPhone and live close to an Apple store, you can do your part by exchanging it yourself.  If you are out of range of an Apple store and have done the exchange, let us know if you have had the same “large box” experience.

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BLOK Wooden iPod Speaker System

BLOK Speaker System

The BLOK iPod Speaker System is made of a hand-crafted wooden cabinet on the outside for what manufacturer Revo claims is “fundamental in achieving BLOK’s rich, natural sound.” It has NXT’s Balanced-Radiator loudspeaker technology, 40W digital audio, and comes with a remote known as KONTROL. The system is compatible with all iPods with included adapters, and it charges while it acts as a dock. Find it for a price £199.00 (~$321.00.)


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Nyko To Release USB-to-PS2 port adapter for Playstation 3

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DescriptionOne of the big disappointments for fans of Guitar Hero, Dance Dance Revolution and similar controller-specific games was that the Playstation 3 wouldn’t be featuring PS2 ports of any kind on it’s sleek black exterior. Fortunately, it looks like Nyko’s got you covered. Sometime in the near future, Nyko will be releasing a USB-to-PS2 controller port adapter that’ll have you shredding up “I Love Rock ‘n Roll” in no time. The good folks over at Kotaku were the first to break the news, and state that the controller adapter will work with the Guitar Hero guitar which presumably means that it should work with all other “non-traditional” PS2 controllers.

Now, Sony just needs to make sure that the backwards compatibility updates for the PS3 keep on coming…

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